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We started this series of blogs for you the consumer as we thought it would be a great idea to try and give you advice and information on how the site works. Better Bed Company are always striving to make a difference and try and be the next big company. With so much going on in peoples lives these days we thought we would take the stresses and strains away for you guy’s ! 

Bed Frames

Bed Frames are on the discussion board today. We love this style of product and it’s one of our best selling product ranges. We specialize in the field of bed frames and in 2019 your getting modern bed frames with some of the best designs we have ever come across. The UK consumer is lapping it up as well and that’s a good thing hey.

Better Bed Company Bed Frames Section 

We again have made it as simple as possible and with the Shopify platform being easy to work with it’s no problem. The Bed Frames section is on e we feel we have got right with lot’s of options available for the customer. Here is a breakdown of the section –

Category – This helps the customer select from a few different categories of Bed Frames that include some different styles. If you looking for a Metal Bed Frame then just select the option and all the products we have under this section should be a Metal Bedstead. Do the Same for the Ottoman Beds ect……

Ottoman Bed Frames

Sizes – The sizes are very important to get correct when browsing the web site as some don’t come in a specific. If you need a Small Double Bed Frame then your spoilt for choice with Better Bed Company We deal with Brands such as Julian Bowen Bed frames to give you the correct item of furniture in the correct size. 

Julian Bowen Bed Frames

Price – The price points are something we look at every day getting you the right beds and the right prices is something we take great pride in. Better Bed Company are very price conscious and want to pass that on to you the customer no questions asked. With the experience we have through the Decades well we know we have it right ! 

Colours – With a variety of Bed Frames we wanted to add this selection as colours is so important to give you the correct style. The home should have colour through out and the bedroom is no different. So if your looking for a Beige Bed Frame just select this section and a range will pop up. 

Delivery – Time is another way in which we split the site up. If your in a rush for an item we have the Next Day Bed Frames section. We thought this would be useful for the consumer. There’s also a part for Fast Delivery so if your in a rush for a product we have you covered. 

Perfect For – Remember we have 3 decades of experience so we have an idea as to what would suit certain situations. We came up with the Perfect for section as giving you the best advice is paramount to us. So if your looking for Shaker Style Bed Frame then just select the option and everything we do comes up on your screen. 

Shaker Styled Bed Frame

Better Choice – We have a selection of Bed Frames we have picked out as our choice. This could be any style from any manufacturer. We just choose ones we like and think the customer could benefit from. You can rest assured a great deal of attention has been given to the section. 

Brand – This gives the opportunity to select the brand you are interested in at the time. We deal with the best Britain has to offer including Time Living Bed Frames theses are all hand picked by us giving you the customer a massive selection. 

Time Living Bed Frame

Material – Last but not least the material bed frames option is a must for any body looking for a certain effect in the home. If Fabric Bed Frames is an option for you and your family we want to accommodate. Better Bed Company have so many to choose from so you should have a browse now !

Just another part in this series of the Better Bed Company the way we work. If you have the chance take a look at 

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We will back soon with another edition