Beds For Spare Rooms


When you go into the market for a Bed that is specifically for your spare room we have to decide what type would best suits our requirements. Would it be a bed that is used solely for guest ? would this bed be used as a second bed that would be used on a regular occasion ?

There are a range of bed styles that you could choose anything from a bed frame to an ottoman storage bed. If you wanted to store a way house hold items then maybe this could give you an opportunity to do so. If this is the case a bed base with draws could be an option as well as an ottoman bed. If this wasn’t the case a bed frame or a non storage bed could meet your requirements. 

Is style on your mind ? if you have pine furniture then maybe a pine bed could fit into the spare bedroom with ease. If you wanted to go against the grain you could add a neutral colored fabric bed with any wooden furniture

When you look at Divan Beds don’t forget you can always add a headboard with lots of styles available. You would want to think about how well the material cleans as if it’s a spare room it could be used by children at some point. 


With all spare rooms bed’s you have to decide what mattress could be used. With open coil spring mattresses and natural fillings this is definitely an option. If the bed was to be used on a regular occasion then a pocket spring mattress could be appealing. You would want a material like memory foam or cotton and silk as these are cost effective. 

The finishes to any bed should be a good quality mattress protector and a few pillows. You would want your guests to have a choice so select two different types for this. 

 We have a large selection of spare room beds and mattresses to choose from dealing with the best brands such as Sleepshaper, Airsprung Beds and Time Living to name a few. Remember to think about how much this bed will be used before buying and that could set your budget for you.