Bed Side Tables For Your Style


When searching for Furniture one of the items we should take care in finding is the Bed Side Table. This is an important part of the bedroom that will be used on a regular basis. You would want two pieces that preferably match with the rest of the decore. 

It would be important to purchase the right size as well. Bed Side Cabinets should not over power the bedroom and should be useful to get the most out of your purchase. They should be able to hold certain amounts of apparel and maybe room for a bedside lamp and book to make life easier. 

Bed Side Tables Styles and Materials

What style and materials would you want to add to your bedroom ? there options such as fabric, oak, leather to name a few. If you had a leather headboard a bed side table could match this. Remember that leather is a wipe clean product so if cleanliness is high on the agenda then this could be a solution. 

If you have children then they would benefit from having a bed side table as this could add space to there bedroom. It could be some were close to there beds to put a book so it could encourage them to learn which is never a bad thing. 

Bed Frame Brands that we work with

Better Bed company have a large selection of bedroom furniture to cater to peoples needs. You could go for a set that matches Julian Bowen are a brand that stands out if you want to go down this route. We also have furniture from Steens and Time Living both have there own style. 

Steens Richmond Bed Side Table

New Steens product Added June 2019 see the Richmond Cream and Pine Bed Side Table in there collection today 

Make sure you find a suitable product that matches your taste and check the draws as these are an indication of how well the piece is made. If the draws have a dove tail joints then time has been spent by craftsmen to make a solid piece of furniture.