Bed Base Choices


When looking for bed bases there are an array of choices available. We should choose one that has purpose and style. With available options of storage space available we should make use of this space. 

Bed bases and there functions

A bed bases purpose is to add comfort and support to a mattress. It is also a way for you to add a feature to your room. If we were to add a sprung base into the equation then this would add lifetime to your mattress. There is also draw options to think about and slide stores for children. 

Style can be added to your bedroom

A bed base can add luxury and a feel of home. If we get this right it will feel like a perfect piece of furniture added to the room. These days fabric bed bases are very popular as it’s a way of adding colour to an item of bedroom furniture. 

Fabric Bed Base - Better Bed Company

Children’s Bed Bases

We cater for children and have a few bases just for them. With bright colours you can’t go wrong really. The storage space is a life saver as well as space. The draws can be used for toys, clothes, anything and everything.

 Children's Bed Base - Better Bed Company

Draw options

We have to take into account what we need when looking at how many draws one would need. The most popular is 4 draws giving the most room for storage. Then if there is less need there is the 2 draw option. The continental draws can be added if you have bed side tables this make it function better as these are back draws but half the size. You could also go for a front draw this would make life easier. 

Multi Draw base option - Better Bed Company

Brands you can count on

Better Bed company have a range of bed bases at the lowest prices by the best brands. We deal with companies such as Airsprung Beds and Hestia Mi Bed the leading manufacturers of bases in the UK. 

Adding the Final touches 

Remember to check that the draws are solid and that the headboard can be attached. There are also a couple of options for the feet as most bases have castors but glides can add that little bit of class to a bed base. 

New June 2019 Edition to Better Bed Company 

Bedmaster Fabric Base In PlumBedmaster Bed Base In Duck-Egg

Bedmaster Fabric Base

Available in a range of fabric colours