Adult Mattresses and Beds


When was the last time you purchased a new mattress or bed ? If you are like the rest of us it’s probably around 8 years apart. This is the average time a person should buy a new mattress or bed. You should not wait until it just feels like you need a new one. 

The main goal for a mattress or bed is to make you comfortable while you sleep. The next should be how does it make you feel. If your sleep improves by making the purchase then you will feel better throughout the day. Also if a piece of furniture brings happiness then these two goals go hand in hand. 

For an adult i would always recommend a pocket spring model. The support and comfort you will receive is all around better. A base should be strong but depending on the mattress tension it could be either sprung or solid. It depends on the person and there body weight. The material that is placed on the spring is very important for the comfort as well as support. There are many out there including memory foam, latex, wool, cotton and more. Everyone has there own unique taste. 

Adult Mattress

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You could look at a fabric bed frame or an oak piece. The style would depend on taste and the decore of the bedroom. A combination with a stylish headboard we could have the best of both worlds. Maybe a metal bed frame might look nice with your furniture. 

At Better bed company we cater for all adults with different styles. With a range of bed frames, divan beds and headboards on offer. We deal with a range of brands that cater to all.

Remember that for an adult the decision is very important as the beds we have will make a huge difference to our life style.