Adding Value With Small Single Mattresses And Beds


Small Single Mattresses and Beds are a space saving item and can bring benefits to your bedroom and life style. Better Bed Company have come up with some ideas that could make a difference when looking at bed or mattress sizes. A small single size is manufactured in the same way as any other but with the customer’s needs being at the forefront of the mind. 

Advantages of Small Single Mattresses and Beds

You might not think it but an extra few centimeters of space can make a real difference in a small bedroom. Your home could be transformed by the way in which you set your bedrooms out. If you have choices then you want to take advantage when you can. 

If you have a larger bedroom then two small single beds could be the answer if a super king size bed just wont fit into the space. 

Other bedroom furniture could be replaced if you add that extra space in your bedroom. You could add that bed side table you have had your eye on or maybe a bigger wardrobe

The activities in the bedroom could be effected maybe you could add that desk your children need. This could be a way of promoting a healthier atmosphere to your child’s bedroom. 

Places you could use Small Single Mattresses and Beds

If you have a spare room then this could be an opportunity to add another room for guests to stay. This could add a better social aspect to your life style. It gives options when friends and family visit. 

Your main bedroom could be a place maybe you have a king size bed and want extra space while you and your partner sleep. Two small single beds could add that extra room for a healthy sleeping experience. 

Do you own a caravan or motor home ? space is a real issue in tight spaces and a small single bed could be the answer your looking for. 

Holiday homes are a good place for small single beds and mattresses. You might only need these items on certain occasion’s so a smaller size could come in handy in the situation. 

Small Single Mattresses To Consider

Airsprung Beds Revivo Kids Anti Allergy Kids Regular Mattress

Airsprung Beds Revivo Kids Anti Allergy Kids Regular Mattress-Better Bed CompanyAirsprung Beds Revivo Kids Anti Allergy Kids Regular Mattress Close Up-Better Bed Company

This Airsprung mattress is the ideal opportunity to spoil your kids. The anti-allergy values promote healthy sleep, The spring system is Airsprung‘s Supercoil®  unique spring system and the soft white fillings are a great edition to the mattress. These are just a few of the advantages to this mattress.

Bedmaster Memory Comfort Mattress

Bedmaster Memory Comfort Mattress-Better Bed Company

If your looking for a small single memory foam mattress then the bedmaster memory comfort should be on your list. The open coil spring system is the UK”s most used unit. With the memory foam being a contouring material it’s sure to relieve any aches or pains. The soft jersey cover will feel gentle on your skin giving you a comfortable surface to sleep on.

Vogue Beds Olivia Mattress

Vogue Beds Olivia Mattress-Better Bed CompanyVogue Beds Olivia Divan Bed-Better Bed Company

With hypo allergenic fillings and an open coil spring system this mattress is perfect for any spare bedroom. The cover is probably the biggest selling point the sculpture cool touch quilted fabric gives a comfortable surface for any sleeper. 

Small Single Beds For Your Home

Airsprung Beds Ortho Premium Divan Set

Airsprung Beds Ortho Premium Divan Set-Better Bed CompanyAirsprung Beds Ortho Premium Divan Set-Better Bed Company

With an orthopedic mattress its a healthy option for anyone looking for a space saving small single bed. The Supercoil® Plus spring unit has a great deal to offer, anyone with back issues should consider this product. The cover has a soft woven fabric and the mattress also features soft white fillings to offer comfort. 

Airsprung Beds Windsor Divan Set

Airsprung Beds Windsor Divan Set-Better Bed CompanyAirsprung Beds Windsor Divan Set-Better Bed Company

The Windsor is ideal for spare rooms or children’s bedrooms. The space saving draws or slider could bring value to this small single bed. The spring system is Airsprungs creation the Duraspring™ a market leader in the bed industry. The chequered colour could add a certain style to the bedroom too so that’s another advantage to this small single bed. 

These are just a few options you have when looking at small single sizes.