The Best Mattresses From Bedmaster To see You Through The Spring


Amongst the beds and furniture there’s one product that we just can’t do without and that’s a trusty mattress. Whether your searching for memory foam or even a new pocket spring you can always rely on Bedmaster’s sleeping surfaces. 

With the weather changing and Holiday’s on the horizon it’s a must to stay healthy, there’s no better way than to refresh your bedroom. Luckily Better Bed Company have come up we’ve come up with a list of must haves just for you to style in with your fabric bed frames and ottoman beds. 

There’s no denying Bedmaster are amongst the best Brands in the UK for importing furnishings and hand making products in there Factory based in Batley. This summer ditch the Emma or Casper and stick to a British firm with trusted material and spring systems you can trust. Team with velvet wing frames for a modern setting or go all out with textures and tones with a chunky oak base that’s built to last. The era of British manufacturing has come it’s time to step it up. 

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Bedmaster Pocket Spring Mattresses 

Keep scrolling for the best pocket spring mattresses from Bedmaster this season. With guaranteed comfort and support for the user it’s a must for your bed frames making these a healthy sleeping surface for years to come, then discover our content on BEDMASTER BEDS AND MATTRESSES.

Bedmaster Majestic 1000 Pocket Mattress-Better Bed Company

Shop – Bedmaster Majestic 1000 Pocket Mattress

Bedmaster Monza Pocket 1000 Mattress-Better Bed Company

Shop – Bedmaster Monza Pocket 1000 Mattress

Bedmaster Serene Mattress-Better Bed Company

Shop – Bedmaster Serene Mattress

A pocket spring mattress is the most popular sleeping surface around in the world today for master bedrooms. The smart, supportive and comfy just what you want to improve your lifestyle give your self more energy during the day time. The most popular of these are going to be naturally filled and a close second memory foam these types of fillings are going to contour to the body for a quality sleeping shape. 

Bedmaster Memory foam Mattresses 

Looking for comfort and balance? We’ve got just the mattress for you. There memory foam mattresses have different spring systems inside with a host of fabric covers for temperature control and comfy sumptuous sleeping. Give your ottoman beds the perfect partner online. 

Bedmaster Quartz Mattress-Better Bed Company

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Bedmaster bamboo vitality Mattress-Better Bed Company

Shop – Bedmaster bamboo vitality Mattress

Bedmaster Brooklyn Memory 1400 Mattress-Better Bed Company

Shop – Bedmaster Brooklyn Memory 1400 Mattress

Memory foam and pocket spring mattress are the go to this year. There ideal for divan bases and slatted wooden bed frames to go with your bedside tables and chest of drawers. If your on the search for a thick comfy surface team with velvet upholstery guest bed or work in with a new TV bed in grey fabric this is all about being modern in the home. 

Bedmaster Orthopaedic Mattresses

Bedmaster Queen Ortho Mattress-Better Bed Company

Shop – Bedmaster Queen Ortho Mattress

Bedmaster Super Ortho Mattress-Better Bed Company

Shop – Bedmaster Super Ortho Mattress

Bedmaster Supreme Ortho Mattress-Better Bed Company

Shop – Bedmaster Supreme Ortho Mattress

If you like comfy beds then the bedmaster Orthopaedic Mattresses would be the winner for you. Your social media channel would be the perfect place to shout it from the roof tops when your back issues are all sorted, give it a few weeks on these. It’s time to invest in your home and a new bedstead is the perfect opportunity to do this.