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Super King Size Mattress For A Bed Frame


Many people buy a super king size mattress for a bed frame were here to provide you some advice on why. Were experts in the bed industry with 30 years experience. 

It can often be hard to start your search when looking for new bedroom furniture with so many options available to the shopper these days, however were here to help on why a super king size mattress would suit you and your partner in more ways than 1. 

Super King Size Mattresses

One of the first things to think about is the fillings inside the super king size mattress for different advantages. You could start with memory foam the perfect filling for offering support to the sleeper. The potential to contour to your body and relive pressure points is second to none in the mattress industry. 

Of course there’s different fillings like wool and cotton these are ideal for temperature and moister control. Natural fillings inside a 6ft mattress would work well as there going to be comfortable for the sleepers. Choose cashmere this is a very fine material ideal for contouring to the body. 

Offer a foam like reflex this is going to keep you well with in budget and offer a cheap super king size mattress to the bed frame. 

Bed Base 

Always think about the bed frames base with different designs offering quality advantages. The firmer the base of the bed frame there’s going to be alteration in the tension of the super king size mattress presenting a harder surface. 

With a sprung base bed frame your 6ft mattress is going to work in tandem ideal for long term advantages. A pocket sprung bed base might be best as this is going to offer even more support and improve the king size mattress performance. 

Spring System 

If your searching for good spring systems for a super king size mattress your in the correct place. Choose a quality system with pocket springs costing more but performing better over time. An Orthopaedic super king size mattress would offer support all over the sleepers body, perfect if you suffer from back ache. 

Bed Materials 

The bed design doesn’t really make that much difference to the super king size mattress. As long as it’s base is right the beds more for the style of the bedroom. For best practice buy a new bed when you buy a new 6ft mattress as the guarantee may be voided this is the first thing brands ask about when talking about faults on a mattress. 


Buying accessories for your king size mattress is always a good idea. Offer a duvet with different tog rating available for all year round seasons. A new topper might work well this is going to offer more comfort and might be a good idea if you mattress is tired and at the end of it’s life-span. A mattress protector is always a good idea for a 6ft mattress this is going to make the mattress last longer and protect against stains over the years. 

Other Size options 

There’s different size options that might work well in the bedroom. Consider a king size mattress this is 150cm x 200cm ideal for 2 sleepers. There’s also a double mattress this is the most common size on the market with sales on these the best. 

If you need any more help on a super king size mattress Better Bed Company are always here. Contact us on 08000467616 or email to Were available at any time for more advice.