Small Single Memory Foam Mattress For A Wide Bedroom


If your in the market for a small single memory foam mattress then you should think about how wide your bedroom is. We’ve come up with some things to think about before you fly out to the shops and buy that  2ft6 memory foam mattress  like your bed side tables and wardrobes colours and tones and how they could effect your situation. Keep scrolling for more packed info 

With boredom creeping in this lock down giving your home might just give you the tools to see it though. Sort through your grey chest of draws and natural rugs make a list of requirements your wide space needs and doesn’t. Throw away that tall 5 shelf book case and add that pink single ottoman bed frame where you can store most of your accessories any way. Whether you where given that tall oak cabinet for a Christmas present 10 years ago. It’s time to start a fresh with textures and tones that make the space appealing at sight. We’ve got you covered at Better Bed Company for all your new treats. 

Be honest do you need that beige click clack sofa bed in the corner or is just gathering dust. This type of furniture is probably damaging your mental health it’s time for a clear out yeah. 

Small Single Memory Foam Mattresses 

Small Single Memory Foam Mattress

Small Single Memory Foam Mattress With Reflex Foam 

Not only are they comfortable and supportive a small single memory foam mattress with reflex foam are going to save you space. Everyone should think about the gains they can make from buying a certain size furniture item. To the space your going to save add a pine + black bed side table with 3 draws or a chunky oak side board with shelves to add character and storage. 

Small Single Memory Foam Mattress With Reflex Foam

Small Single Pocket Spring And Memory Foam Mattress 

Wanna get all comfy and warm this Winter ? a small single pocket spring and memory foam mattress could do just the trick. Where into natural and latex but for the perfect mix there’s only 1 option. Just because your bedrooms wide doesn’t mean you can’t go narrow this is going to give you added space for other decor pieces. Add some two tone bedroom furniture and a light grey Kaydian Barnard TV Bed for your Netflix and chill. Team these up with Origins Chicago Cream Rug and a white and pine 5 draw chest for all your clothes. 

small single pocket spring and memory foam mattress with a bed frame

Small Single Cool Blue Memory Foam Mattress 

We know it’s cold this Autumn but there’s summer just around the corner with a small single cool blue memory foam mattress your organised. If your off on Holiday this season to Chicago or Venice bring back some ornaments to place on your bedroom units. Add a Duck egg fabric bed to the area or some Beige Bedroom Furniture for a modern theme team this up with a retro low book case and a multi coloured small chest for fashion reasons. 

Small Single Cool Blue Memory Foam Mattress With A Metal Bed Frame

Small Single Memory Foam Roll Up Mattress 

These are perfect for high sleepers with a small single memory foam roll up mattress your kids are going to spoilt. Look for a no spring 2ft 6 in a box or an orthopedic style to keep those boy’s and girls healthy. Add a brown pull out desk for when there working and some silver high tog pillows to keep them cozy. Team these up with a faux leather storage ottoman for there toys and a white dressing table to get them ready on those rainy winter mornings. 

 Small Single Memory Foam Mattress With A High Sleeper

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