Single Memory Foam Mattress News Part One


Single Memory Foam Mattress

In this series we will be looking at this particular size with the memory foam material. Looking at what benefits a memory foam mattress could bring to you, your family and friends. Looking through advantages and disadvantages could be beneficial for a number of reasons even just educating your self on the matter. With 3 decades of experience in the field of memory foam mattresses you can guarantee our knowledge is credible. Better Bed Company always back it up with sites who have expertise in the field of the particular subject we write about. Just follow the links provided we provide during our blog. 

The single memory foam mattress provides the ideal sleeping surface for a healthy nights sleep. Adding this item to your home could add life style benefits as well as mental. We want to make sure your adding the correct size and give you alternatives adding value to reading our content is the main reason we blog. We touch on the history of the material as well as some science behind memory foam. The combinations of other materials and what they could bring with them is discussed. This will be an all around perfect blog if your considering buying a single memory foam mattress. 

Dimensions Of The Single Memory Foam Mattress 

Tape Measure And Rulers-Better Bed Company

You should make sure before buying any mattress that the size is correct for you. The easy way to do this is with a tape measure or ruler. You should know that a single size memory foam mattress is 90cm in width and 190cm in length this is the same as the imperial measurement 3ft width 6 ft 3 inches in length. The depth of the mattress is dependant on the model it’s self. We would always recommend at least 15cm. The single mattress would be best suited to a single bed frame or divan bed. With adjustable beds sometimes consumers forget that the industry standard is long single. Don’t make this mistake even if it’s called a single adjustable bed. This go’s with the same when it comes to a small single mattress often consumers are mislead by this term. We have a size guide that could help you take a look today – Better Bed Company Size Guide 

History Of The Single Memory Foam Mattress And The Material 

Developed back in 1966 for Astronauts by NASA keeping them safe was the objective behind the plan. This material is ideal at contouring to the body making the perfect solution to the Aircraft cushions. – NASA WEBSITE 

Charles A Yost was behind the invention the aeronautical engineer with Systems Dynamics Group at North American Aviation Inc first worked for NASA on recovery system. They then later contacted him to come up with a material that would keep the Astronauts safe during space travel. – SPACE.COM

Memory Foam was known as Tempur Foam when first used in the mattress industry. It was also used under other names in American Football Helmets, the medical industry and automotive industry to name just a few. – Charles A Yost

Just the first in the edition check back next week for more news on the single memory foam mattress !