Small Single Mattress | The Springs Edition


Small Single Mattress

When your looking for a new item it’s good habit to understand what go’s into the construction and the advantages it could bring with it. This could help you make your mind up and sway you one way or the other. You get options in a Small Single Mattress when it comes to the materials used to manufacturer this style. 

Better Bed Company discuss the spring systems used and how they could benefit the user in different ways today. 

Small Single Mattress-Better Bed Company

Small Single Mattress The Open Coil Spring System 

Open Coil Spring System-Better bed Company

This spring system is the most commonly used in the mattress industry giving users good quality support and comfort. The advantages include the budget as it’s cheap to manufacture and circumstance as your getting a quality product if your weight is a light load. The spring system can work great with a range of partner materials including memory foam, latex and natural fillings. 

This style of spring system would be ideal for children as this would give them support during there growing period keeping there bodies in the correct position during sleep so it brings health benefits. You could also purchase this style for a spare bedroom being a budget buy it would cost you the world and it could do a good job for the sleeper using it over a few nights. 

The open coil spring system is coils of metal in a cage unit connected together. In a quality unit the springs should be connected closely together giving more support to the end user. The frame edges should be steel giving the user benefits when it comes to using the full surface of the mattress and helping against corrosion at the edges of the mattress. The tension should be medium at the least the thickness of the springs gives the tension to the unit e.g. if the springs are thicker it will give a more firmer feel than a thinner coil. 

Small Single Mattress The Pocket Spring System

Pocket Spring System-Better Bed Company

Your going to get whole lot of benefits from this style of system rather than others on the market today. The best manufactured spring system around today being very popular with consumers in 2019. Usually starting at 1000 spring count going up to 10,000 in some manufactures ranges. The more pocket springs in side a small single mattress the better. similar to the open coil it can be partnered with a a range of materials giving the end user a supportive sleeping surface. 

The amount of pocket spring count resembles the amount placed inside a 5ft king size mattress. So in the industry a 2000 pocket spring mattress would mean 2000 pocket springs would be present inside the 5ft king size model. 

The small single pocket spring mattress would be suitable for array of users including Teenagers, Adults and in some cases children. The user would get the most supportive mattress system on the market relieving pressure points and keeping there spine in the correct alignment during sleep leading to a healthier life style all around.

The spring system consists of springs individually nested in to pockets of cloth tied together. This style gives support with every movement and is individual so when you move your partner won’t. It’s good for non roll together aspect as with other spring systems if one user is heavier than the other it causes roll together sinking on one side causing the lighter of the two to roll into the center of the mattress. 

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