Is there a small single mattress ?


If your stuck for space in the bedroom and need that extra bit of room then a small single mattress could do the trick. The size is smaller than a 3ft with a 2ft6 in size which means 1 thing more bedroom furniture. It can open up so many doors it’s important to strike balance in the area. 

Starting with your fabric beds and smaller width headboards this could be a success story. You want to work out what fillings are on offer and o yeah the spring system to choose from. 

Don’t let the thought of memory foam and pocket sprung over whelm you it’s pretty simple. It’s all about the support with lot’s of comfort to go round this could be a spare bedroom buy so guests should be considered. 

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Small Single Mattresses For Main Bedrooms 

Creating that bedroom that’s cool and fashionable adding a small single mattress and bedframe is a start. When you create a feeling of space this gives an atmosphere which is less claustrophobic, you can also grab that extra large oak wardrobe or 3 drawer bed side table you’ve been searching for online and Facebook for years. 

Small Single Pocket Spring Mattress 

With this buy your supported which is everything a small single pocket spring mattress brings to the party. Bringing in pink beds or a small light grey ottoman bed could take the scene to the next level. Start with a lighter colours as this size is probably going to be for a smaller bedroom, you don’t want it dark do you. 

 Small Single Mattress-Better Bed Company

Small Single Memory Foam Mattress 

For starters a small single memory foam mattress are the perfect fit for slatted bedsteads they allow both to combine for a supportive feel. Start with depth watch the height of the footboard so as to not over hang the top. Think about the bottom foundation go with springs or a solid reflex this is going to see the end to your back aches and pains for ever. Add a fibre pillow or a 3ft Hungarian white goose feather duvet for cozy feeling. 

Small Single Memory Foam Mattress-Better Bed Company

Children’s Small Single Mattress 

Children’s small single mattresses are key for adding more space for desks or book cases building more area for learning. If the buy is for a high sleeper or bunk bed then go for a low profile this is going to keep your boy’s and girls safe in the sleeping surface at all times. Pair with a grey shaggy pile rug and some white bedroom furniture for a sleek and stylish theme. 

White Bunk Bed With A Small Single Mattress-Better Bed Company

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