Small Double Mattresses – The Better Beds Ultimate Buying Guide


At Better Bed Company, we specialise in many different sizes and shapes of mattresses. We’ve got a straightforward mantra – we believe in Better Beds for all!

In our latest buying guide, we’re discussing all things small double mattresses. We love a small double mattress at Better Beds; it’s the ‘Goldilocks’ standard of mattress!

But before you decide that a small double mattress is the mattress of choice for you, there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself first…

Size of sleepers!

One question to consider is how tall the users of your small double mattress are going to be. For people six feet and taller, you may need a more specialist mattress.

Otherwise, there may be some toes sticking out of bed more often than you’d like!

Available Space

When considering a small double mattress, it’s essential to think about the space you’ll be using for the mattress and space you will not. We call this ‘moving space’.

Make sure that you’ve got enough room to open doors/use wardrobes etc. It’s important to give yourself enough breathing space to move around your room. This is helpful with decluttering and give you more options when it comes to room layout and design.

Bed Storage

Smaller bedrooms can feel cluttered really quickly; an overnight bag and a few other bits can take away from your perfectly planned guest room.

The great thing with a small double mattress is that they can easily be accompanied/turned into a ‘storage bed’, more commonly known as an Ottoman Bed.

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Better Bed Company; Our Top Small Double Mattress Picks

We’ve picked some of our best-selling small double mattresses for you to choose from:

  • Better 1000 Ortho Pocket Mattress – The 1000 pocket spring mattress is ideal for those who suffer from backaches. This spring system keeps your body aligned in the perfect position all throughout the night. With a medium tension, you can rely on the pocket spring system to do its job, supporting you and your partner individually.
  • Aspire Furniture Cool Blue Relief MattressThe cool blue relief mattress has an 18cm reflex foam foundation with a 2cm cool blue foam layer for your comfort. The cool blue foam is like memory foam, but it doesn’t wholly mould to your body like memory foam. This gives a cooler effect than memory foam.
  • Visco Therapy Visco 4000 MattressThe Visco 4000 mattress has 10cm of high-density memory foam and 14cm of seven-zone reflex foam filling for a comfortable feel. With this model, you will get a supportive mattress that will contour your body.
  • Airsprung Beds Hush Premium Rolled Mattress – The Hush Premium Rolled Mattress in Box has a 1000 pocket spring system with memory foam. This memory foam is the next generation, with cooling agents added to keep your body at the optimum temperature for a healthy sleep!

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