Small Double Mattress | Part 3


Better Bed Company wanted to show case a Small Double Mattress and the options you may have if you wanted to buy a particular model. We deal with a number of reputable brands when it comes to a Small Double Mattress and give you options when dealing with us. We think it should go with out saying Better Bed Company give our customers choices and a Small Double Mattress is no different. 

First Up :

Bedmaster Opal Mattress 

Bedmaster Opal Mattress-Better Bed Company

The Bedmaster Opal Mattress is available in a small double mattress as well as other sizes. With 3000 hand nested pocket springs and a layer of latex and reflex foam for comfort. This is a new Bedmaster mattress and we have just added it to our site. The price is good and we know Bedmaster mattresses have a certain quality to them. 

If your looking for a supportive small double mattress then this could be the answer. The 3000 pocket springs is a good amount and they are using there new ‘ComfyTec’ miniature system, we will be doing a blog on this style very soon. 

You have latex that’s a natural material that will contour to your body giving you a healthy nights sleep. Your body should be in the correct alignment at all times and that’s what latex does. This will keep your spine straight, relieve pressure points and release blood flow around your body !

The reflex foam is a very supportive material so that will add support to the mattress again another material / structure that will add to your comfort as well. 

Aspire Furniture Cool Blue Bonnell Mattress

Aspire Furniture Cool Blue Bonnell Small Double Mattress-Better Bed Company

With this Aspire Furniture Small Double Mattress you will be getting a mattress that’s going to be cooler than memory foam but still have the characteristics. The way memory foam works is that it contours around your body. Cool Blue Foam does the same but not completely like memory foam. This helps with temperature control as when memory foam moldes completely around your body this causes heat in this area. 

You also get a bonnell / open coil spring system with this Small Double Mattress. This is the most common system used in the UK today. This system will give you support and a regular medium tension. 

The air vents are placed around the sides of the mattress to help with circulation and the cover is a soft touch material. 

This mattress comes rolled so it’s easy to handle when delivered. 

For the price this Aspire mattress should be taken into consideration when looking for a Small Double Mattress. 

We will carry on with materials in a Small Double Mattress in our next Blog.

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Better Bed Company will be looking at a couple of materials that could be used in a Small Double Mattress ! 

We hope this helps you get the right Small Double Mattress for you and your family !