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Best Small Double Ottoman Beds With Pocket Spring Mattresses Advice

The small ottoman bed is an interesting buy for a number of reasons. Getting the best and correct information can be a tricky challenge for the UK online buyer. 

Better Bed Company thought about how we could add value to your read. Knowing we can help with tips and hints giving constructive advice is a must for us as firm. 

We break it down like this. 

  • Small Double Ottoman Beds
  • Pocket Spring Mattresses 
  • How They Could Work As Best Partners 
  • Advice On Colour Schemes 
  • Bedroom Furniture And What Makes Sense 
  • Family And Friends 
  • Top 5 Tips On Getting Best From Your Buy 

Small Double Ottoman Beds

Small Double Ottoman Beds

If your new to this type of product this introduction could be worth every second spent. This guide could give you a better understanding of why ottoman beds are so popular in the UK today. 

The space saving features are probably the main reason behind this specific bed compared to standard Bed Frames. If your stuck for some where to store your items in the home this buy should definitely be a consideration. It’s about helping the individual and others in the home to make the most of the area.   

Being original with a touch of modern aspect is something your getting from this multi purpose bed. This should be a must to experience a family home moving in place to represent growth. 

So many designs are created by UK firms giving the online customer options. Creating different fashion statements like roll top ottoman beds being a classic looking style. Colour shades are another way they lure buyers in with modern grey and a cool and fresh mink shade. Manufacturers have also found that a two tone models could be the answer to consumers wants in more ways than one. With fabric colours and materials mixing things up for online viewers. 

Pocket Spring Mattresses 

Small Double Pocket Spring Mattress

For improving your spine alignment and providing a supportive surface you won’t find a better mattress. With a large selection of counts the your spoilt for choice. Remember the more pocket springs the more support you gain. You also get a choice of options when it comes to fillings. 

One of the most common is the 1000 pocket spring mattress. This gives the sleeper ample support and would provide individual gains. We will talk more about this later. The craftsman making this mattress will place 1000 springs in to individual pockets. Taking time in this process takes dedication and thoughtfulness. 

You then go up a gear to a 1500 pocket spring mattress usually. There is brands who provide different ratios of spring counts though. When talking about a 1500 springs mattress this means that’s how many are in a 5ft mattress. This also go’s for every other mattress on the market. In the trade to stop confusion and keep things simple for customers a specific spring count represents a king size mattress of that particular model.

With a 2000 pocket spring mattress your getting one of the best supports around. The hand nested springs are going to give you the ideal sleeping surface with this count. Remember when your going up in spring counts your going to slightly up the tension. This should be considered before you jump up the ladder. They do go up above this count but Better Bed Company thought we would just touch on this subject.

Fillings play a major role in the pocket sprung mattress. With so many different types to choose from the buyer is spoilt for choice. With memory foam, latex and reflex foam being the most common solid on the market. While you also have a large choice with wool, cotton and silk providing advantages such as comfort and moister control.

How They Could Work As Best Partners 

This style of mattress is also great for for individual support like we mentioned earlier. With the pocket spring the thinking is that when you move your partner doesn’t. This does depend on the firm you deal with trusted firms like Julian Bowen can relied upon. This comes down to the craftsmanship and also the materials. In both departments experts are needed in selection to pull off such a feat. The end user is most important and will benefit in getting this right. 

The roll together effect is something that will be less so with this spring system. With open coil springs they are attached through out the mattress using metal wiring. This means when the sleeper maneuvers the whole surface moves like in cheap mattresses. With some manufacturers using string cloth to connect the pockets together. This helps the sleeper be supported from different angles when moving. 

The small double ottoman bed with pocket spring mattresses slats could play a major factor in individuality. If the bed has a slatted foundation then you would find that there is two parts. You would have a section either side with a center rail. This would give more individual support. This would be even more apparent with a sprung slatted base as this style works with the mattress as appose to just being solid. 

Advice On Colour Schemes

Grey Small Double Ottoman Beds

Only a true fit will do in this situation. The colours in your home represent your ideas and personality. Getting this scheme right could make or break a bedroom and setting you up for future buys. It’s down to careful considerations and experience.

Would it be suitable to go through the whole home with one colour ? this is down to personal preference but there are things we can put in place providing us with the know how. With experts in the field all over Instagram and pinterest this social media platforms should be searched.

With modern colours being a the rage in 2000 you could look at grey. This colour would be suitable for a contemporary styled bedroom. It’s also great from a neutral point of view. This helps with other furniture in the bedroom going for existing or future buys. 

Better Bed Company also understand that materials and colours working together makes sense. For instance if your buy was a black leather small double ottoman bed and pocket spring mattress you could be on to a winner. If this buy was grey then it might not work as well get it ! 

Bedroom Furniture And What Makes Sense

This is for sure a big deal as you would have more storage space on your hands for one. The space could be adding or subtracting this would go on your personal needs. You may want extra space for activities to take place in the bedroom. This means that chest of draws could be recycled as you have more space beneath the bed. 

With a Small Double Ottoman Beds With Pocket Spring Mattresses your gaining even more space than your average double in terms of width. It doesn’t seam like a lot 15cm but this could give you that bed side table you’ve had your eyes on. 

With a wardrobe function is vital. You may have made a bobo and can’t open the doors. It may make more sense to buy a small double option giving you the best of both worlds. Same go’s for any other bedroom furniture like a chest of draws that are causing issues when in use. 

The price range should be in the same area. You want to add quality at the same rate this will give you more options later. The brands your going to deal with should be in the same bracket and cost will give that representation 

The main goal is to get your bedroom and home working as one ! adding a beneficial buy with every purchase you make. 

Family And Friends 

Green Small Double Ottoman Beds

This type of buy would be great child buy for starters. Your going to be gaining storage space as well as healthy sleeping surface. Longevity would play a key role as well being able to take them into there Teenage years. 

Teenagers would also be a great suit for this particular buy. This would give them much needed area for items like educational items and apparel. The pocket spring mattress is ideal as it will give them the support they need while growing. 

Your guest would be pleased providing them with this multi use bed for the night. Bringing values for there clothes and belongings to placed handy for easy access. You should maybe look at a medium tension if purchased for friends. This helps as it’s the most purchased in the UK today. For instance if you bought the pocket sprung mattress in firm it may be to hard for most and the same go’s for soft at the other end of the scale. 

Your partner has been covered above and does receive many benefits with this buy.

Top 5 Tips On Getting Best From Your Buy

  • Get your colours right when it comes to the bedroom and home. This will put you in good stead for the duration of the buy.
  • Look around on Social channels this could give you indications in style thoughts. This could bring the wow factor to the bedroom
  • Your partner is special with this type of item it takes two to tango. You should want to work as team all the way though. This go’s from reading blogs like this to that first night in bed. 
  • Measurements can play a huge role and not just in the width. A small double is 4ft in width (120cm) but don’t forget about the headboard and footboard height. Look around the room this should give you indications if that size is going to work or not. 
  • Deal with trusted expert firms. With a whole host of brands on Better Bed Company. We have vetted them all knowing they are respected in the sector of beds and mattresses 

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