Small Double Mattress | Part 1


A Small Double Mattress could be a good edition to any home and if you get this purchase correct then it could add value in more ways than one. Your bedroom is the first place to start when thinking about a small double mattress. The bedroom is the place that it will spend it’s time helping you reach your goals and gaining a more  health life style. We will be discussing what you should be looking for in a small double mattress as our journey continues during this series. Better Bed Company are experienced in the field of Mattress purchasing and we know about getting the right size which in this case is small double. 

Small Double Mattress-Better Bed Company

Your in your home and have come to the conclusion that a small double size would be the right purchase for you. Have you asked your self some questions first like would a small double mattress be suitable for that specific room ? or have i any alternatives out there i could consider ? if your at this stage then our blogs could help you with decide and point you in the right direction. Every item of furniture including your mattress should add benefits and getting the correct advice is crucial to you and your family. 

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We look first a the fillings:

Materials In A Small Double Mattress

The fillings we use inside a mattress can determine weather the mattress is comfortable or not. A small double is no different in this situation. Giving the right materials when manufacturing a mattress will make it near impossible to make an uncomfortable product. But we are all slightly different and have our own tastes and feels. The tension of any mattress could be effected by the materials used and also how much of a certain filling is placed inside. 

Steel For Materials Used In Small Double Mattress

When we think of materials we could be look at steel used for the springs, wool for the surface layer that’s sat on top of the springs then the covering maybe a damask fabric. These are just a few different material components that make up a small double mattress. The important part is the right mix and the right consistency providing the end user with the correct item that will cater to there needs. 

Sheep For Wool Fillings-Better Bed Company

The first materials we will discuss are the fillings used to add comfort mainly, that’s there goal and why they are provided. If you looked at a wool filling for a small double mattress then this would give you a temperature controlled mattress while adding a comfortable feel. Wool is a soft material that comes from sheep and most of the time mother nature gets things correct. Sheep need to warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If you add wool to a small double mattress then you know your adding a natural material so that’s got to be a good thing for the planet. 

Memory Foam-Better Bed Company

Another material that’s commonly used inside a small double mattress is memory foam. This is a man made material that’s manufactured in a factory using chemicals. They would add Polyols (alcohols derived from petroleum products or plant oils), isocyanates (organic amine-derived compounds) and reacting agents are mixed together right before production. This mixture is then whisked together in a container and thus creates a foam. This mix is then infused with gas this gives it’s density. The next step is the cooling and then sprayed to remove any residues. That’s the final stage besides cutting into the correct size being a small double mattress it would be 135cm x 190cm

We will continue the materials in the next part of our series on Small Double Mattress so watch this space.