Small Single Sleepshaper Memory Foam Mattress | Guide To The Sizes Episode 1


Sleepshaper Mattress

Thinking about a new mattress this summer 2019 ?

With a Sleepshaper mattress you get a choice of sizes this includes small single. We thought we would choose this size in today’s Sleepshaper blog along with the material memory foam. Giving you advice and pointing you in the right direction is a priority of the Better Bed Company. We only blog about the best and Sleepshaper are a leader in the industry with experience that stretches 30 years.

Sleepshaper Mattress-Better Bed Company

Background On The Sleepshaper Memory Foam

They state on there website they were one of the first Companies in the UK to manufacture memory foam / visco elastic way back in 2006. Winning awards on the way with Which Magazine taking notice of what this company represents. This is high density memory foam rapped in an outlast cover. Many companies tried to replicate what Sleepshaper did with lower density materials bulking them out with lower standard products. But they have stuck to there principles knowing that the UK customer would always go for quality rather than quantity. Sleepshaper are also know by the name of the Foam Company there parent brand.  


Small Single Sleepshaper Mattress

With the Comfort range dedicated to this size mattress they understand its wise to give consumers options in 2019. Mattress companies find it hard to offer non standard sizes because of the struggles in the manufacturing process. This is something this company tackle head on with out letting standards drop. 

Sleepshaper Mattress Inside Details-Better Bed Company

Your getting a memory foam mattress that has a foundation of Reflex Foam giving the support to the contouring material it needs. This type of combination works well and the experts in the Mattress industry understand the mix is a no brainer. The removable cover is the cherry on top keeping the consumers hygiene in there mind when designing this range was a master stroke. 

Sleepshaper Mattress Zip Cover-Better Bed Company

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