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Sleepshaper Natural Pocket Mattress

It seams like were all going back to traditional mattresses these days. With UK consumer going back to a tried and trusted methods of manufacturing mattresses this gives companies like Sleepshaper more flex in the British market. The Natural way has been around for century’s and it looks like it’s here to stay. With materials like wool cotton and cashmere bringing great benefits to the end user why shouldn’t we lap it up ! 

Sleepshaper Natural Double Mattress-Better Bed Company

Sleepshaper Mattress realise the best spring system to accompany natural fillings is the pocket spring. With the hand nested springs being in cased in pockets of fabric and then sewn together keeping them individual gives the perfect comfort and a support to  the user. The pocket springs work independently moving in conjunction with your body giving support from all angles. This is great for you and your partner as with other spring systems on the market today you might not get an independent spring but one that’s attached to another in the system thus  you may effect your partner when you move during sleep. 

In the natural range the boarders are a very important selling point. With any mattress you want to be able to use the full width this gives your more space during sleep for 1. For 2 your still getting support at the edges of the mattress which can only be a good thing. For 3 you bought this mattress in good faith that it’s going to last a certain duration and the sides are one of the first places a mattress can wear. With a foam boarder your getting a quality material to help against the threat of corrosion around the edges. The sides of mattress get wear from entering and leaving the sleeping surface so there’s quite a lot of use over the years.  

Sleepshaper Natural Mattress

The fillings in the Natural pocket range from sleepshaper come thick and fast with wool being one. Wool has great good temperature properties giving the correct amount when you want it. They also include silk that’s advantages include hypoallergenic properties this is great for a natural resistance to dust mites and bed bugs. 

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