Sleepshaper Memory Foam Mattress The Choice is Cheap


Sleepshaper Memory Foam Mattress

The stand out material in 2019 your getting the perfect foundation for a healthy sleep as well as comfort. When your off in Dream Land you want to know your body is been taken care of in the correct way ! This is exactly what memory foam does keeping your body in the correct alignment during those 8 hours of bliss. 

Sleepshaper are specialists in this area and know how to get this to customers cheap but keeping standards high at the same time. You don’t want to budget on your health and guess what Sleepshaper are here to help with the experience of this company they know exactly what there doing ! 

Sleepshaper Perfect Plus Mattress-Better Bed Company

Sleepshaper Perfect Plus Mattress

Your getting some selection when your dealing with them. They start with the perfect model that you would genrally buy for Children and Teenagers. This model has 2.5cm Memory Foam with reflex foam as a foundation. We will talk about reflex foam in a second. Then you have the 500 Elite also known by the name comfort 500 the name gives it away yes there’s 5cm memory foam with reflex foam. This would be sutable for an Adult maybe for a spare bedroom there ideal for double mattress your paying £169.99 and that’s cheap. Then you get the higher range the supreme comfort 700 known again as the Elite 700 mattress. This would be suitable for day to day use with 7cm memory foam and 13cm of reflex foam. This would be an ideal cheap purchase for an Adult giving great comfort. 

Sleepshaper Elite 700 Mattress-Better Bed Company

Sleepshaper Elite 700 Mattress

The memory foam in these two ranges is accompanied by reflex foam and it’s a great team. They both work together reflex foam is supporting the memory foam while it works it’s magic, The reflex foam from sleepshaper is all high density giving the consumer a longer lasting mattress along with a more contouring nature. There’s a lot more to high density memory foam than just your average ! 

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