Sleepshaper Mattress The Elite Choice


Sleepshaper Mattress

The company offering the best quality at the right price. Your options are endless when it comes to memory foam mattresses online. But getting the best is difficult to find with a budget. If you’ve done your research then you will understand when we tell you a Sleepshaper Mattress comes with quality as a standard and measures up with the best when it comes to prices. Their elite range consists of a couple of memory foam mattresses that could do just the job at the correct price point. If in the market for a Sleepshaper Mattress then your in the right place for advice. Better Bed Company have dealt with them for a while now so have the experience knowing our customers are buying quality. We discuss the Elite range in today’s blog 

Sleepshaper Elite 500 Mattress

Sleepshaper 500 Mattress-Better Bed Company  

There are many advantages to this particular item including high density memory foam, Next day delivery and the roll up nature. The Sleepshaper elite 500 mattress has high density memory foam your buying good quality that will last. You want to be comfortable for the duration of any mattresses life. It also needs a good foundation and sleepshaper understand this so they use a reflex foam material that has good supporting qualities. 

We also mentioned the next day delivery this is something that consumers need in 2019. knowing you have a company that can get you a good mattress in to your homes the following day is a selling point the elite sleepshaper range. Another good point is that the mattress collection comes vacuumed packed rolled up making it easy to handle once delivered. Sometimes you may need to transport your buy this becomes so much easy with this particular model. 

Sleepshaper Elite 250 Mattress  

Sleepshaper 250 Mattress-Better Bed Company

Your still getting the same high density memory foam that’s in the sleepshaper Elite 500 Mattress. The reflex foam is the same but with the price being cheaper your getting less. This could be a good edition for a spare bedroom or one that is used on less regular occasion. 

The guarantee is definitely a selling point  with all sleepshaper mattresses your getting a standard 1 year but also a warranty of 10 years. For a cheap item like the Sleepshaper Elite 250 Mattress that’s piece of mind at a low price. Also coming vacuumed packed and on a next day delivery service it’s one to consider if looking for a memory foam mattress.