Sleepshaper Mattress Helpful Illustrated Guide


Sleepshaper Mattress

We have come up with a guide to help you through the Sleepshaper Mattress and what to expect. You should consider some factors before you buy any mattress being memory foam or natural. Sleepshaper Mattress deal in a few different materials and we discuss your options to day giving you a table of price points you could work towards making your life easier. We look at the cheap options from the brands and what to expect. We also give advice on how they compare to others in the market and why they could be a better choice for you. 

What To Expect From Sleepshaper 

Your buying a well priced product they understand that cheap price points is something that UK online buyers really should receive. This is down to over heads of retailers and really your saving time and money as your not really effecting the company by just browsing the website. You should get some thing in return for this. 

The mattresses are well constructed with some having removable washable covers. This is very good from a hygienic point of view. You can expect this from a few chosen models and keep in mind this is an advantage especially if you have children. 

Expect the mattresses to contour to your body keeping you in the correct position. This is very important in so many ways form a health point of view and comfort. You want your body to be aligned in a way that encourages blood flow around the body. This will effect your metal health as well as physical. 

The Materials Your Getting From Sleepshaper

With a selection of mattresses your getting lot’s choice from the materials point of view. With different advantages to think about and depending on personal preference could be the one for you. 

Sleepshaper Memory Foam mattress 

The memory foam that’s used in all sleepshaper mattresses is high density. This is something to consider as this means your getting a better mattress for a longer duration than if you just went for a standard memory foam mattress. 

Sleepshaper Reflex Foam Mattress 

The support foam they supply is ideal from a price point of view. The reflex foam would be great for a spare bedroom bed or a child’s mattress. Reflex foam is very supportive and comes in either a medium or firm tension. 

Natural Sleepshaper Mattress 

The sleepshaper natural mattresses could bring so many advantages to the user. These include warmth in the winter from the wool as it has good heat regulating properties. Your also looking at cotton with some of there natural mattresses this material would be great for allergy sufferers as it’s hypoallergenic. This materials is perfect if you have a runny nose, itchy eyes or breathing difficulties due to allergy suffering from man made materials this could be one to consider. 

Sleepshaper Mattress And How They Compare 

We have come up with a table today to see how they compare to others on the market. Things to look out for are price, delivery and how many pocket springs they have. 

Price is a good indication of how cheap a brand is. If your getting a memory foam mattress cheap then your doing well. 

The delivery means so much if your getting it fast then it’s going to be less stressful. It’s also good getting a next day mattress if your in a rush and need it fast. 

Pocket springs is an indication of how it will support your body. The more pocket springs you have in a mattress the better. Brands always state the amount of a 5ft mattress this is an industry standard that everyone follows. So if a mattress has 1000 pocket springs this means it has 1000 pocket springs in a king size mattress. 

Product spec Sleepshaper Perfect Visco Therapy Dream Sleep Mattress
 Amount Of Memory Foam  2.5cm 2cm
Reflex Foam  12.5cm 11cm
Price  Single – £99 Single – £79.99
Delivery  14 Days  1 – 3 Days 


 See the Sleepshaper Mattress Memory Foam Model With A Bed for more advice and information on the Brand today.