Sleepshaper Luxury Mattress High Quality And Very Cheap


Sleepshaper Mattress

The specialist in this style of mattress has to be Sleepshaper with there elite expertise giving them a head start on the rivals. 

It takes power in this day in age to lead a market and sleepshaper mattress have the tools to out muscle the competition in the Luxury Mattress industry. 

sleepshaper elite mattress-Better Bed Company

Your getting whole lot for your money with a large chunk of high density memory foam being a given by the Foam Companies items. The quest for this elite type of material can be long and winding but with sleepshaper it’s in the room of choice the next day with there extremely fast lead times.

The fast delivery time scale is a reason you get this item so cheap because the turn around time from manufacture to customer gives them advantages when it comes to space in the warehouse. This helps with lower over heads and then passing this saving on to the customer. This also helps them when advertising there products your getting a better deal if you get this mattress faster than others on the market. All in all your getting a better service this adds value to the sleepshaper brand which adds to more customers taking note and buying. This also means more mattresses being sold so they get better deals off delivery companies. These are just a few reasons why sleepshaper are cheap. 

There an award winning manufacturer only dealing with quality as there managing director Mike Nash Say’s 

”Our High Density Memory Foams are some of the best on the market. We know the better the Foam, the more comfort you will feel. Great materials mean a great product” 

Memory Foam-Better Bed Company

Memory foam mattresses have a contouring nature reacting to your body heat giving a mold that keeps you in the correct position for a healthy sleep. This material can add so many elite benefits to your life providing you with the correct sleeping position enabling you to make the most of the nights rest. This will recharge you giving you the energy the following day to take part in activities at your highest standard ! 

Another advantage to buying from Sleepshaper is there attention to detail with every mattress being hand finished and caressed by there craftsmen. The company based in Oxfordshire really do fit the mold of quality manufacturer giving UK customers what they want when they want it. 

sleepshaper elite mattress zip off cover-Better Bed Company

Better Bed Company have the full range of sleepshaper mattresses including there natural range. There pocket spring system accompanied by wool, cotton and cashmere to name a few materials. You should consider this range if your looking for supportive mattress.