Single Memory Foam Mattresses For Children


With so many single memory foam mattresses to pick from this could get tricky. We’ve rounded up some choices in the sleeping surface department. Whether you have the bed frame or single ottoman bed yet finding the right roll up in a box is as easy as 1 2 3, we got you covered. 

There’s loads of models like white kids high sleepers or grey bunk beds available to go with your new 3ft. We’ve added these into the mix too just to give you options when your looking online or out on a shopping spree. Your boy’s and girls can have the added benefit from pocket springs or a frim feel from reflex foam there all here for you. 

What to look for in a single children’s mattress 

You want a children’s single mattress that’s going to be comfortable and keep them precious ones healthy. Keeping them clean has to be a priority a good idea is to add a 3ft mattress protector just incase of accidents. The longer the lifespan the better, you should get about 8 years from your buy. If your going for a foam mattress then check your not buying a firm tension as they don’t weigh enough at this stage. Get the right brand finding good reviews online is a must this brings trust and understanding your buy is quality. 

Single Mattress

Single Memory Foam Mattress | Why ?

The contouring nature a single memory foam mattress is going be just what the Doctor ordered. Your children’s sleeping surface needs to keep them in the best position the whole night long and that’s what these do. Add a single topper to the bed and it’s double the fun and so comfy. Team this up with some grey bed side tables and a 2 + 3 chest of draws or add a white book case and narrow book case for storage. 

White High Sleeper Bed

Single memory foam mattresses with bed frames 

The single memory foam mattress is quite a match for your 3ft bed frames, it’s all about keeping them happy. For ventilation and support a slatted base single fabric ottoman bed could work wonders. This gives them space to add there toys and colours with the upholstery. A white wooden guest bed could do the trick with some shelves for there books and under trundle to pull out when there friends come and stay. 

Children's Wooden Guest Bed

Pocket spring single memory foam mattress 

Depending on your boy’s or growing girls age a single memory foam with pocket springs should be considered. This type of system and combination starts from 800 and go’s right up to 2000 sprung count you should stay low really for a medium tension. A low profile for high sleepers keeping them safe should be entertained. Team this up with white desk and chair or add some draws and a dressing table with a stool for accessories in the bedroom. 

Single Pocket Spring Memory Foam Mattress

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