Single Memory Foam Mattress For The Spare Bedroom


Whether you have more new space in the home because your kids have gone off to University or you just want to spruce up the spare bedroom. There’s merit in finding the best single memory foam mattress on the market. This is going to keep your guest coming back or keep your Teenagers comfortable during half term. You can add this style to black metal bed frames or the space saving grey single ottoman bed for a comfy surface. 

Single memory foam mattresses come in a range of depths so make sure you check the headboard height as to not over power. If the buy is for a guest bed think low profile you don’t want a tight squeeze every time you take this out. With handy accessories like single memory foam mattress toppers you can always add to this to the bed if needs must. 

Single memory foam mattress that’s cheap 

Price should be in your mind when buying a single memory foam mattress for the spare bedroom. You want quality but the you also want to keep your pounds in the pocket for other home buys. It’s like going on holiday to Europe your cheap and nice like Amsterdam for the weekend or Munich during the school break. You can spend the rest on some grey bed side tables or hard wearing white 2 + 4 chest draws that keep the home tidy. 

Single Memory Foam Mattress

Rental Properties 

If you rent a room then a single memory foam mattress could be perfect for your beds. If your a landlord then think about the tenant there going to stay for a long time if there comfy and supported this makes sense for the long term plan. Adding a waterproof mattress protector would help against any accidents remember in rental properties there’s usually little space and this small gesture could save the day. Team up with some comfy pillows and a stylish oak 3 + 1 chest of draws to get the clothes in order. 

Rental Property

Single pocket spring and memory foam mattress 

Whether your using the sleeping surface on a regular basis then a single pocket spring and memory foam could work a treat. It’s going to take more out of your pocket but it’s worth every penny. Try browsing the 8000 count then move up the ladder to 1000 if you aim high your getting support and that’s what you want. This could be a good match for a grey fabric bed or a traditional oak bed frame add a sofa to the room or a shaggy rug to warm things up in the winter months.

Single Memory Foam And Pocket Spring Mattress

Single roll up memory foam mattress in a box  

This could be a real game changer with s single memory foam roll up mattress there’s less stress when it comes to the delivery date. If your spare room is in the loft area then it’s easy to move around hall ways and landings think about door ways too. Add this too a TV Bed for your Netflix and chill nights or a modern grey bedstead that’s fashionable on cozy. Team up with some aloe vera bedding and a cute patterned headboard that’s stylish and snug. 

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