Single Memory Foam Mattress For University


With freshers week coming up we thought we’d give you some tips on a new single memory foam mattress for Uni. So when your making new friends they might have a have comfy bed to sleep on after your night out. If your staying at home with your parents then we have some options that might take you fancy too. With the new norm in place you might find that this one’s going to be virtual so why not chill out on your new roll up while you chat with your course mates. 


How to buy a single memory foam mattress 

Use social media to see who’s giving out the best deals on single memory foam mattresses. Get the group chat going on watts app your mates might have some ideas. 

Get on google shopping this is a fast way and you know your going to save your pocket on this purchase. Whether your in Oxford or Bath these day’s your local bed shop is going to come up saving you even more time and money. 

Ask a friend if they have a spare that’s been knocking around at home. Along with there bed side tables and wardrobes you may find they have a second hand one to borrow. 

Single Memory Foam Mattress

Single memory foam mattress with a bed 

Getting online to buy your new bed frame is easy it’s about picking the right one. Colours should be something you think about first up. the scheme is about personality and showing who your are. Go for a modern grey or wow things up with pink beds to go with your single memory foam mattress. 

Adding bedroom furniture around the room to complete the interior design look in your Uni pad can be accomplished. Go onto Instagram and Pinterest there’s some funky channels on there for you to browse. 

Get the right materials with oak and pine you can’t go wrong there a match for hard wearing woods. Support your precious body while resting so check the slats are hard or sprung what ever takes your fancy. 

Single Bed Frame

Accessories for single memory foam mattresses 

Making the right moves in your bedroom is going to give you a head start on the rest. Adding a single memory foam mattress topper could work wonders for your sleeping. It’s going to add depth and height to the area along with comfort it’s a no brainer. Team this up with a waterproof mattress protector for any accidents when your eating the subway sandwich or drinking that bottle of wine don’t worry if you spill. 

New white desks might be a good way to study and don’t forget the chair or stool grey upholstery on the seat could bring a modern vibe. Chill out on a new patterned rug the shaggy pile could be a place to get your 8 hours in during the day 🙂 

Student At University

Come back soon for some more tips on how you get the buy right for every  occasion.