Single Mattress With A High Sleeper Bed For The Children


Whether your buying for your boys or girls a good single mattress for the high sleeper bed can add so many qualities to there lives. Sure you don’t want to spend an awful lot of money keeping this in your pocket for other kids buys should be a requirement. For your precious little ones your purchase could take them right up to there Teenage years if you make the right choice. 

With plenty to choose from on Better Bed Company we’ve come up with some ideas for your next children’s single mattress so lets get started. There’s lots of things to think about. 

Cheap Single Mattress 

Budget should always come into any buy and a single mattress is no different getting cheap bargain should be entertained. You should look at brands with this one also as guarantees and reviews bring trust. You want to be dealing with experts in the field especially when your kids are involved. Add a waterproof mattress protector and a white desk for learning this could attach to the high sleeper if your dealing with the same brand. Team it up with a single memory foam mattress topper and some comfy pillows for a cozy sleeping surface this could work wonders. 

Grey high sleeper

Low Profile Single Mattress 

Perfect for bunk beds and high sleepers the low profile single mattress has the right depth and design to make the cut. With plenty of spring systems and materials for the shopper these days your in safe hands with this buy on all fronts. Look for 15cm – 16cm size it’s keeping the top surface safe in regards to not over hanging the guard rails on the beds. Add some storage with a grey bed side table and a 2 + 1 wardrobe this is going to keep them organised. For learning opt for a white narrow book case and some shelving for all there books and toys. 

Low Profile Single Mattress

Foam single Mattress With No Springs 

If your children like that bounce then a foam single mattress with no springs could do just the trick for there fun times. It would be great for there support watch for the tension you don’t want it to firm probably for best result a medium tension could be the answer. Team this up with a pink bed for the girls bringing a feminine vibe to the bedroom. You could look for a blue bed if it’s for a boy as high sleepers aren’t just for looks there for learning and entertainment too. Add some white and oak bedroom furniture a two tone approach gives them the best of both worlds and it’s easy to match with future children’s decor picks. 

High sleeper with a single mattress

Single Pocket Spring Mattress 

If your children want a comfortable sleeping surface there’s not many better than a single mattress with pocket springs out there today. You may want to think about the combination with memory foam, natural and latex all good options for a healthy sleep. Make things more exciting with a shaggy pile rug and white chest of draws to store there clothes. Team this up with a grey chair and a dressing table to get them ready in the morning. 

White high sleeper and a single mattress

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