Single Mattress For When Lock Down Is Over


The economy has started moving and things are on the mend, we are still in lock down though, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. You’ve been planning your rising and the next moves with friends and family on what your going to get up to once life becomes more normal. We’ve come up with new bedroom furniture and maybe a new single mattress options for you to check out to day. 

Single Mattress For When Coming Out Of Lockdown

Weather your thinking about a new children’s mattress or a spare room we have the single mattress for you. It’s like a stroll in the park with your friends. We know that the small things really do matter and were here to help you get back on track with your shop. 

Single Memory Foam Mattress For The Kids  

The single memory foam mattress is going to be the one after lockdown. Team it up with some new bedroom furniture. The partnership could be a cool sprung mattress and a new bed side table. Take every chance you get with a single memory foam mattress this double combo will set your bar to another level with the kids in your life. 

Single Memory Foam Mattress

Grey Single Ottoman Beds 

Forget the barbecue and your next holiday your attention should be on your next grey single ottoman bed, for now any way. Nothing say’s more about your grey bedroom furniture than a fabric bed. This could be a team set for the finish line if you buy a new grey chest of draws, a stunning pine and grey wardrobe and a memory foam mattress topper to complete you and your partner. 

Grey And Pine Bed Side Table    Grey And Pine Chest Of Draws

Single Mattress With A Bed Frame 

It’s like a wedding when a single mattress with a bed frame meet, the hen party has been well over due. Make sure to buy the right material and shades a quality white could be cute or a dark black could be set for the next buy. Get this right and your half way home. 

Single Bed Frame

Double Mattress With A Ottoman Bed

Cutting your cloth according to size you’ve got a big bedroom the next buy should be a double mattress with a ottoman bed. Add the stylish headboard and a new chest of draws with a dressing table and your good to go this summer. 

Double Ottoman Bed

Shop Your New Single Bed Base 

We have really missed the small things, like going the shops, going that local coffee shop and buying loads of bedroom furniture. If the money is there a new single bed base with a mattress could be yours for the taking. Keep it simple with grey fabric bed or add those pillows and a single mattress protector. Get that winner today. 

Grey single bed base

Grey fabric single bed base

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