Best Single Mattresses For Kids High Sleepers


With children going back too school after lock down you want to make sure there getting the best sleep. We here to help with the best kids mattresses for high sleepers, this is going to help them reach there full potential during school time. Whether it be doing sports or needing extra energy for home work your child’s rest time is so important. 

Ideas For Single Mattresses That Could Work With High Sleepers 

Whether it be about tensions or materials we have the answers and expert tips for you to take onboard. If you want your children to flourish at school then getting them the right mattresses should be on the check list. 

Single Low Profile Mattresses 

You want to keep those precious ones safe and that’s exactly what your doing with a single low profile mattress it’s all about the depth. The same go’s for bunk beds and cabin bedsteads you want them to be well below the guard rails. You want a 3ft mattress that’s between 15cm and 18cm and the rails should be 10cm above the sleeping surface. 

Single Low Profile Mattress-Better Bed Company

Single Memory Foam Mattresses 

Focus on providing your children with a supportive and pressure relieving sleeping surface, that’s exactly what you get from a single memory foam mattress that’s for sure. Start with the top layer then think springs or reflex underneath it’s all down to personal preference. Add some children’s bedroom furniture and modern duck-egg rug for them to play on during the day. 

Single memory foam Childrens mattress-Better Bed Company

Single Natural Filling Mattresses

When your child’s sleeping you want them to be at the right temperature so a single Natural filling mattress could work well. With great heat regulation properties in wool and cotton this style could be the one for you. Add some white Bedroom Furniture this will give them a cool and fresh surrounding team this up with pink or navy blue headboard depending whether you have girls or boys. 

Anthracite High Sleeper Bed-Better Bed Company

Single Open Coil Spring Mattresses

Whether it be high sleepers or bunk beds your kids are going to love there new single open coil mattresses that’s a dead cert. Go for a soft tension or the most common medium you don’t want them sleeping on a rock. Add a waterproof protector and a hollowfibre filled duvet this will keep them cool at night. 

White High Sleeper-Better Bed Company

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