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Single Mattress For The Best Sleep


Sleeping is one of the most important parts of our lifestyle and getting the best surface is prime.

Consider a single mattress offering and choose the best brands with trusted reputations. 

For the best bed frame you need the right partner, opt for memory foam, pocket springs or natural fillings all combining together for comfort. 


When it comes to buying the correct mattress for you there’s certain requirements that’s needed. 

Choose the right tension for a firmer support choose a firm single mattress for a softer feel think about a medium. 

Your accessories for the single mattress could impact the whole bedroom. Offer a duvet, pillows and protector for quality advantages. 


A single mattress is ideal for 1 sleeper with a 90cm x 190cm surface and depths differing depending on the design. In addition you would need to consider the bed frame your going to place the mattress on. Offer to a 3ft divan bed or storage ottoman bed both working well in terms of style if purchased correctly. 


Buy a single memory foam mattress for a healthy sleeping surface. Guarantee posture as the memory foam will place you in to the correct position during sleep. 

An excellent choice would be a 3ft reflex foam mattress for a supportive offering. This type of mattress might work well on a sprung slatted bed base working together for the long term. 

Spring Systems 

When it comes to single mattresses the spring system is really important. Discover pocket springs for individual support the more the better. 

For a budget sale buy a open coil or bonnel single mattress ideal for 1 sleeper. Among the best suiter for the base with this style is a slatted platform or a pocket sprung divan. 


When thinking about delivery it’s important to check the home. Measure doors and hallways making sure the mattress can make it’s way to the chosen room is imperative. 

Consider delivery teams with Better Bed Company we only deal with the best. Some deliveries are made to the door step if the mattress is a 3ft roll up you may only need 1 person to take up to the bedroom. 


Say your searching for space in a small bedroom there’s an alternative to a standard UK single mattress. Choose a small single mattress this is 75cm x 190cm ideal for creating space in the bedroom. 

This sized mattress might be a better option and offer more room for a bedside table or other bedroom furniture products. 

Why Buy From Better Bed Company? 

We have an extensive range of single mattresses for every situation. Dealing with brands we offer peace of mind with guarantees for at the very least 1 year. Our expert knowledge is passed on to our customers making sure they buy the correct mattress for the situation.

We have cost effective cheap single mattresses ideal for spare and guest bedrooms keeping well with in budget. The free delivery offer and sale prices makes sure were as competitive as any other online retailer. 

If you have any questions on single mattress contact us on 08000467616 or email to for help and advice now.