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With a company like Airsprung Beds you can feel rest assured that your getting quality. They have a range of next day roll up mattresses that are keen on price we wanted to discuss the Airsprung Beds Pocket Spring Rolled Up Mattress in today’s blog. How do they give quality but stay cheap at the same time. We also wanted to discuss the spring system. It’s no coincidence they have have a range as this style is one of the most popular purchased in the UK today. The Airsprung Beds Pocket Spring Rolled Up Mattress is of course of of there best selling items coming in the next day Revivo collection. 

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The Quality Of The Roll Up Pocket Spring Mattress From Airsprung Beds

The pocket spring mattress is usually a high end item in a companies collection. This is down to the manufacturing process being more time consuming than your average open coil spring unit. It goes with out saying that your getting a better mattress one that will add more benefits to the end user. Airsprung beds realise that it’s a must to give there customers the quality products and stay competitive on price. 

The roll up mattress was first introduced to add convenience to customers as well as making a mattress cheaper in value. One of the first companies that used the technique was magniflex an Italian company. They found it cost effective to transport a roll up mattress from Italy to the UK and other European country’s back in the 90’s. Other’s have followed suit but transporting them easier around the UK. This has made the roll up mattress one of the most purchased mattresses in Britain. 

The quality is down to the experience of the consumer. The pocket spring unit gives more support and more individual sleeping surface. The support comes from having independent coils of springs hand nested into pockets. They work independently so not attached like an open coil spring system is. When you move your partner isn’t effected by this movement as the unit isn’t attached. These are just a couple of reasons the Airsprung Beds roll up pocket spring mattress is thought of as quality item. 

Cheap Airsprung Roll Up Pocket Spring Mattress 

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Like mentioned before the roll up mattress is a cost effective way of transporting mattresses around the country. There are also other reasons this style of mattress is cheap. When looking at factory space you can store this style of mattress with great ease and use less floor area. The factory workers can handle this type of mattress so much easier than a conventional design. When paying for transport on a next day basis your UPS or Hermes are glad to deliver a roll up mattress on a 1 man delivery service but this wouldn’t be the case with a full size un rolled model. These are just a few scenarios that a roll up mattress makes perfect sense when thinking about how Airsprung Beds stay cheap.