Small Single Memory Foam Mattress The Material And Size Benefits


Your looking at new mattresses and can’t decide what type your going to add to your homes ? Well Better Bed Company have come up with a guide on small single memory foam mattresses and ways this particular size and material could make for a great purchase. Memory foam is ideal if your looking for a supportive mattress. The size off your mattress would depend on your bedroom and the place this product would be used. 

Small Single Mattress And Suitable Situations They Could Come In Use 

Small Single KOMFY 250 MATTRESS-Better Bed Company

Small single mattresses could bring advantages with smaller rooms in the household. This could give you extra space for other items of furniture. Ever wanted that bed side table you have had your eyes on for some time but it just won’t fit in the bedroom ? well if you went for a new small single mattress and bed you could get your wish. 

A small single mattress could well be suitable for master bedroom if you had two pushed together you could add a bed sheet and never tell the difference. With them being 2ft6 in width you could have a bit more room than having a 5ft mattress. You would need a new base but this could well benefit you. 

If your children are at a certain age and not quite ready for a 3ft bed then a small single mattress with a good quality base could be the answer. This would give them a sense of independence sleeping on a bigger mattress. 

Memory Foam Small Single Mattress

A memory foam small single mattress could well be the answer if your looking for a contouring mattress. The reaction with your body when you heat up makes this material relieve pressure points thus contours to your body. 

Memory foam will need a foundation for this material to work in the right way another structure should be present.

Maybe you could look at a small single pocket spring with memory foam mattress. This type would be suitable if your looking for a very supportive mattress. The amount of pocket springs and the density of the memory foam will play a part in how supportive this product is. 

Reflex foam can also be used as a combination of materials working together to give you a healthy sleep surface. This firmness of reflex foam acts as the perfect base for the memory foam to work in the way it should. 

Open coil spring unit with memory foam would work well too. The memory foam would make you comfortable while the open coil spring system would be a supportive structure underneath. 

Orthopedic Small Single Memory Foam Mattress 


This style would bring so many health awards you would be wrong to ignore the possibilities of this purchase. The orthopedic spring system is designed for back sufferers and memory foam could allow this spring system to prosper. 

A small single memory foam orthopedic mattress could be the answer as this would help you to stay in a certain position with out having the urge to stretch out during the night this might help.