Single Memory Foam Mattress News Part Three


Single Memory Foam Mattress

In this part of the series we will be concentrating on who could gain benefits from a new single memory foam mattress. When looking online in the UK you will gain knowledge and understanding of items for the home like a memory foam mattress. You should also understand who would get the best use out of particular buys you make. With today’s content on the single memory foam mattress we also show you some spring systems that would be an ideal choice to partner with this material. The next blog we write will be dedicated to pocket springs and reflex foam and lot’s more. Keep an eye out for this in the next couple of weeks. 

Single Memory Foam Mattress Who’s The Best Fit ! 

With so much to offer from this size memory foam mattress you have situations when it would make sense. You also have personal who would gain rel value from this style of mattress. For adults and children this style of product would be ideal but there are thing’s to think about first. 

Adults and the Single Memory Foam Mattress

Your sleeping surface during your adult years is very important knowing you will gain benefit’s from a particular material should be known. With a memory foam mattress your going to be buying a contouring product. The molding of the material against the body takes place shortly after you lay on the surface. It reacts with your body heat and then molds it’s self creating a healthy surface for you to sleep. Your body should be in a certain position through the night and with memory foam this is exactly what it will try and do for you. Setting you in the correct alignment all through the night. 

For adult’s you won’t find a better sleeping surface but there is a down fall you should realise. If your sensitive to heat then you should really trail a single memory foam mattress before you buy. They have covers that have been designed to help with this issue. They came out with cool max covers these where designed wanting to keep the sleeper cool during sleeping. They have also created outlast covers this technology proactively manages heat and moisture for the user. 

Children and the Single Memory Foam Mattress 

For children you have to think about weight and if they will gain anything from memory foam. The nature of memory foam is to mold to the user but if there is little weight then you won’t get this. You should also think about the heat as we discussed earlier on in the blog. 

If your child is going in to there Teenage years then a new single memory foam mattress might be the ideal choice. This shows preparation knowing your looking to the future. This style of mattress would work well for a teenager helping them relieve the body from day time activities. These years are a key time in life and knowing your doing everything possible to help should be considered before you buy any mattress

Elderly and the Single Memory Foam Mattress 

For sure this could be an ideal opportunity to help an old aged pensioner’s body. Getting the correct mattress at this stage in your life could make all the difference and extend your life. With memory foam keeping your body in the correct position is one of it’s advantages. This means keeping you straight thus relieving pressure points on the body and encouraging blood to flow naturally around the body. Being ideal to help fight against strokes and heart attacks this should be something to consider when buying any mattress for the elderly. 

Spring Systems and the Single Memory Foam Mattress 

Better Bed Company will just touch on this in this episode getting you ready for the next blog. With any material it’s important you get the right partner. There are a few choices to ponder over and all could make a real difference to the feel and support you will receive from the mattress. 

With springs and memory foam it’s quite a new partnership as this wasn’t always the case. Back in the 90’s they only really manufactured memory foam with other foam materials. They then learned that spring systems could be an ideal partnership giving the end user perfect support. 

You generally have two options one being pocket spring this is probably the best spring system for support. Then you have the open coil this is also known as the bonnell spring system. This would ideal for someone who doesn’t weigh much and has the added benefit of being cheap. 

We have the Single Memory Foam Mattress News Part Two for you to gain more experience on this material and size.