Is it good to sleep on memory foam ?


It’s one of the most slept on mattresses out there today partnering with beds and spring systems all over the world. Comfy, supportive and cheap there’s nothing wrong with a new memory foam mattress, that’s what the millions of buyers say anyway. Whether your partnering with fabric bedsteads or grey double ottoman beds, buying for children or adults the comforts there. Natural fillings always have there place like wool, cotton and latex but foams are here to stay. 

Whether you opt for a pocket spring. open coil or reflex foundation there’s a memory foam mattress for everyone. Make sure to by them from quality trusted brands like Better Bed Company with warnings from the BBC website about sellers.

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Memory Foam Mattresses For Your Your Family 

Keep scrolling to see the best styles of memory mattresses that could work well for everyone. 

From thick to thin, large to small and different sizes ! Discover the best now.

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Memory Mattresses With Springs 

It’s little wonder that memory foam mattresses now have springs back 20 years ago this wasn’t the case. With a large selection of systems that bring sleepers a better experience depending on budget. Here’s a few from the Better range. 

  • Better Morning Memory Mattress – with an open coil spring system this mattress is cheap. With both memory foam and springs working together to provide the sleeper with a comfortable surface this mattress is perfect. 
  • Better Memory Ortho Mattress – Back ache ? with an orthopaedic mattress helping to relieve muscle pains while you sleep it’s a must for anyone suffering from a bad back. The layer of memory foam contours to the body and relieves pressure points where’s best. 
  • Better Sports 1500 Pocket Memory Mattress – This memory foam mattresses is designed for those athlete’s and gym enthusiasts. You want to relax and recharge your muscles and the best way to do this is during sleep. With the pocket springs giving maximum support and the memory foam helping blood flow there’s no better mattress on the market. 

Better Sports 1500 Pocket Memory Mattress-Better Bed Company

Memory Foam Mattresses For Children

Sleeping surface for those precious girls and boys have to help there health and improve activity during the day. There’s no better way to do this than with a memory foam mattress getting the right depth and size can improve safety too. Here’s some favourites from the Better Range just for those kids. 

  • Better Area Memory 1500 Mattress This mattress features memory and reflex foam these materials together are going to help them get the best nights sleep. The soft cover will feel gentle to the touch and give them a cozy and comfortable surface. 
  • Better Touch Memory Mattress With a 20cm depth this mattress could work well in terms of height and getting in and out of bed. A no spring mattress could work well for the kids while tossing and turning there’s not going to be a peek from this memory foam mattress. 
  • Better Bonnell Memory Mattress Budget has to be thought about when buying any mattress. For a cheap but quality buy this open coil bonnell spring system with memory foam could come up trumps online. The soft white cover is perfect for allergy sufferers working against bed bugs and dust mites ideal for asthma sickness. 

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