Who Should Look At Orthopedic Mattresses And Why


Better Bed Company have come out with a new range of orthopedic mattresses as we feel they are an important product to add to our site. With any new collection we always ask why should we show our customers this product. How will the public benefit from this new item is another. The Orthopedic mattress has been specifically designed to cater to any one who suffers with back problems. 

Spring System In Side An Orthopedic Mattress

All orthopedic mattresses have a system that is deigned in a certain way. With different styles of springs arrangements anything from a pocket spring to an open coil style. The main reason is to give a firmer feel to the customer.

With an open coil the gauge should be 12.5 that’s the thickness of the spring. The thicker the spring the firmer the mattress. 

With a pocket spring orthopedic mattresses they will be nested in the same way into individual pockets but again the spring coil will be a thicker gauge. 

You can also get orthopedic foam mattresses these are designed to give you the same feel. 

Why You Should Purchase The Orthopedic Mattress 

If your looking for a firm mattress then you should consider an orthopedic mattress any way as this will add another benefit.

If your doctor has suggested looking at a new mattress after a surgery on your back.

A healthy athlete or anyone attends there gym on a regular basis could find an orthopedic mattress improves there gains.

It could lead to a healthier life style so an orthopedic mattress could be some were to start. 

Who Should Look At Orthopedic Mattresses

Orthopedic Mattresses are generally an adult mattress so if your looking for your children i would suggest a medium pocket spring or open coil spring system in this case.

Gym enthusiast’s or athlete’s should consider these types of mattresses before purchasing. 

The elderly generation is another genre should contemplate this option. 

Anyone who is looking a firmer feel in a mattress could find that this style is strategy worth looking at 

Bases For An Orthopedic Mattress 

With any mattress it’s important that the base is adequate. Look at it like buying a sports car you wouldn’t go out and buy bicycle wheels for the car would you. The base has to be of a certain standard. 

You would probably want to go for a firmer base rather than a softer feel. Remember that with a fabric bed frame the slat’s should be solid. If you have a sprung edge or a pocket spring base then maybe it might be time to replace it. 

Some Orthopedic Mattresses to consider

Royce Orthopedic Pocket Mattress

Royce Orthopedic Pocket Mattress-Better Bed CompanyRoyce Orthopedic Pocket Mattress Close View-Better Bed Company

This hand made mattress offers great support with a 1000 pocket spring count and natural fillings it’s sure to add comfort to your sleep. With the hand tufted finish and soft fabric cover you should consider Royce orthopedic mattress before making any purchase

Pocket 1000 Luxury Orthopedic Mattress

Pocket 1000 Luxury Orthopedic MattressPocket 1000 Luxury Orthopedic Mattress

This orthopedic mattress comes with 1000 individually nested pocket springs with a reflex foam layer for comfort. The mattress is foam has a foam surround added so you can use the full width. With a removable washable cover Better Bed Company would recommend this to anyone.

Ortho Orthopedic Mattress

Ortho Orthopedic MattressOrtho Orthopedic Mattress

We wanted to suggest an open coil spring mattress as well. The Ortho orthopedic mattress has micro-bond fillings along with tufts keeping the fillings in place. The cover material is strong so with stand the test of time. It’s one you should look at for sure 

We wanted to write this blog as information based as possible because we know it’s important to add value to the readers. If you want the right information off the experienced bed industry experts then Better Bed Company is the place to look.