Sleepshaper Mattresses | Part 2


Sleepshaper mattresses are a well respected mattress manufacturer from Abingdon, Oxfordshire. They have been in the trade for over 30 years making foam mattresses is there forte. The sleepshaper mattress is an award winning brand and they cater to every type of buyer. 

Sleepshaper Mattresses

Sleepshaper Deluxe Latex Pocket 1500 Mattress

Sleepshaper Deluxe Latex Pocket 1500 Mattress-Better Bed CompanySleepshaper Deluxe Latex Pocket 1500 Mattress Inside The Mattress-Better Bed Company

We start with a latex and pocket spring mattress. This combination is quite common in the mattress industry and sleepshaper pull this off to a tie. With latex being a natural material from the spa of trees this mattress is a healthy choice. The amount of pocket springs used in this mattress is perfect for the support of adults and children. With both of these material’s working in conjunction with one another it’s one to consider. 

A foam boarder is placed around the circumference of the mattress to help with corrosion. It’s also there so the sleeper can make use of the full mattress so you can spread out on this mattress. 

The cover is made of merino wool which has exceptional properties. You would want a cover that is soft to the touch and this is exactly that. The cover is all so breathable to add to the sleeper benefits and merino finer than many others so this will again give more comfort. 

Last but not least the mattress is finished off with spring support foam on the bottom. Giving the springs support is important as this will support the sleeper and also advance the life span of the springs.


Sleepshaper Comfort Plus Mattress

Sleepshaper Comfort Plus Mattress-Better Bed CompanySleepshaper Comfort Plus Mattress Inside Mattress-Better Bed Company

This sleepshaper mattress is a great edition to the family. With a memory foam and support foam filling this one will bring a comfortable nights sleep. The high density memory foam is good at relieving pressure points on the body. It’s heat sensitive so reacts just when you need it. The memory foam will contour to your body keeping your spine straight and supporting the sleeper with every turn. The support foam is reflex foam this does the job of supporting the memory foam. Its a firm material so it’s perfect for the job. 

This sleepshaper mattress has a removable cover so it’s very hygienic for the buyer. You should wash the cover every month if you use it every day. You would still want to purchase a mattress protector as well this will give extra protection to the mattress.

The mattress comes in various tension’s so if you like a firm mattress then this is adequate then if you are looking for a medium tension mattress this would be acceptable, bases are covered with the comfort plus. Its also great if your looking at a non standard size coming in a small single and small double mattress again sleepshaper mattresses don’t let the side down with this model.  

This one is probably suitable for a children’s mattress or a spare room.

Sleepshaper Natural Ultimate Pocket 2000 Mattress

Sleepshaper Natural Ultimate Pocket 2000 Mattress-Better Bed CompanySleepshaper Natural Ultimate Pocket 2000 Mattress Gif-Better Bed Company


The sleepshaper natural ultimate pocket 2000 mattress has it all. The 2000 pocket springs give it a very supportive feel which is great for reliving those pressure points. Its great for your partner too as when you move they will stay in there place and not be disturbed. The pockets are individual so they work independently with one another so with every movement made you are still supported by the next spring in the bunch. 

The fillings include wool its good for winter as it is good conductor of heat were as in the summer months it will keep you cool it’s the best of both worlds. Natural wool is a very comfortable filling and it’s used in the higher level because of it’s values. Wool is naturally resistant to mold and mildew so its a healthy option. Its also fire resistant so that’s an added benefit. It’s also hypo-allergenic so its good for any allergy sufferers. It’s also chemical free as the mattress suggests it’s a natural product. 

The silk in the mattress fillings is very fine so it will contour to your body giving a more comfortable feel. Silk is a natural protein fiber again it comes from insects used to make cocoons for them selves. Its good at moister control another benefit. Silk is only usually found in high end mattresses so it’s an indication of a quality product. 

The cashmere is a luxury material used in the best mattresses. The cashmere wool is finer, stronger, lighter and softer than natural wool. Its 3 time more insulating as well so its perfect to keep you warm. It comes from cashmere goats or pashmina  goats the old spelling for cashmere was kashmir from the indian language. 

The foam boarder is placed around the sides of the mattress to help with corrosion and also to help you use the full width. There is also foam layer beneath the springs added to support the pocket springs giving them extra life span. 

This mattress would be great addition to any ones home. it’s probably sleepshaper’s best mattress. 


So we have covered the brand in the last blog. This blog we have looked at some of Sleepshaper Mattresses. The next blog will continue looking at other types of mattresses they have to offer 


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