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Vogue Beds 

We wanted to mix things up again and add certain brands specials to the mix and match series. We show case a selection of items from Better Bed Company and then give you a teaser of what they could bring to your home.

Vogue Mattresses 

we wanted to start with some mattresses from the well respected manufacturer. Vogue Beds and mattresses a well known Leicestershire bed maker create the perfect nights sleep as they say on there home page 

Our first option from the company –

Vogue Beds Cozy Plus Mattress

Vogue Beds Cozy Plus Mattress-Better Bed Company Vogue Beds Cozy Plus Mattress On A Bed Frame

This trendy vogue beds mattress is ideal for bed frames and also divans. With hypo-allergenic materials used to give you a comfortable surface to sleep on. The spring system is an open coil 13.5 gauge with a steel frame making this mattress pretty supportive.

Vogue Beds Lincoln Mattress

Vogue Beds Lincoln Mattress

Again another open coil 13.5 gauge and hypo-allergenic fillings mattress but the Lincoln as a deep sculpted fabric finish. This one’s going to be a comfy purchase for anyone. The boarder is stitched so this is going to help with corrosion at the sides.

Vogue Beds Gemini Mattress

Vogue Beds Gemini Mattress-Better Bed Company

If your looking for  bunk bed mattress for your children then this is definitely an option. It’s also available in a range of sizes including small double and small single. That’s another reason to buy vogue beds as they give you options in sizes. With a brand who give you a range of sizes it shows they care and that’s giving you an indication that they take pride in products and the way they work.

Vogue Beds Orthomaster Majestyk Mattress

Vogue Beds Orthomaster Majestyk Mattress-Better Bed Company

This orthopedic model is designed for back sufferers. it’s a firm mattress so if you like a hard surface then you should take this vogue item into consideration. The sprig system is 12.5g gauge with a 6g frame helping the sleeper use the full width of the mattress. The cover is a high quality damask so it’s going to last the duration of time needed.

Vogue Beds Pocket Master 1000 Double Pillow Top Mattress

Vogue Beds Pocket Master 1000 Double Pillow Top Mattress

The pillow top 1000 pocket spring mattress gives you everything you need from a great brand. The pillow top is filled with hypo-allergenic fillings giving you a very comfortable medium tension. The pocket springs are there to provide support underneath. With flag stitching to finish off the pocket master 1000 double pillow top mattress your getting luxury from this vogue beds item.

Vogue Beds Warwick 1000 Pocket Mattress

Vogue Beds Warwick 1000 Pocket MattressTencel Logo

With this vogue mattress the selling point is the tencel fabric cover. It’s eco friendly and very soft to the touch. They have also added some very important contents like the 1000 pocket springs that will give you the perfect foundation for a great nights sleep. With hypo-allergenic filling to add that comfort to your life !

We will carry on with Vogue Beds Mattresses in the next few days 

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