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King Size Mattress For A Comfortable Sleeping Surface


If you send a lot of time in bed then there’s only one sleeping surface you need and that’s a king size mattress offering comfort and support for a quality nights sleep. 

With sleep being an important part of your life getting the correct size, spring system and filling inside your mattress is crucial. 

There’s many different styles to choose from when it comes to a king size mattress were here to offer some advice on this. This could be the best partner for different beds now and in the future. 

King Size Mattress 

The main things to consider when buying a king size mattress are the insides of the mattress. 

There’s different designs and options out there to pick from. We have memory foam and natural fillings perfect for support and offering comfort to the sleeper. 

Choose the correct springs inside with pocket springs and open coil systems your back aches gone. They have different standards and remain good partners for any type of bed base. 

King Size Firm Mattresses 

One thing that were always asked is if a firm mattress good for back aches? the answers always the same for best practice buy an Orthopaedic or pocket these types of spring systems offer support and that’s what you want. 

Consider your bed frame with this for a medium tension go with a sprung base for a firmer surface go solid the foundation will effect the tension to any sleeping surface. 

King Size Bed Base 

Consider a slatted bed base for a king size mattress this will bring quality moister control and ventilate the king size mattresses fillings.  

Always offer a 5ft bed base to a king size mattress this is always best practice. Add some pillows, bedding and duvets for a comfort. 

Cheap King Size Mattresses 

If your on a budget there’s plenty of king size mattresses to consider. Choose a king size reflex foam mattress this will bring a supportive sleeping surface. Offer a 5ft roll up mattress to the bed your going to save on the delivery and could get on a next day which is great when your in a rush. 

5ft mattress covers 

Your upholstery covers are so important on what ever mattress you buy. For comfort and long lasting advantages choose a damask cover. Opt for a tufted surface this will bring a more supportive surface and keep the fillings in place. 

Add a mattress protector for a king size mattress this would keep it clean. Think about the depth of the mattress before buying. 

King Size Mattress For Adults 

For adults you would be best off with a memory foam king size mattress this will contour to the sleepers body and offer an independent sleeping surface. A memory foam mattress is great for relieving pressure points on the body which is perfect if you suffer from back aches and pains. 

A spring king size mattress might be the best choice as this is more supportive than foam. A spring mattress will also last longer make sure to rotate and turn the mattress on a regular basis for best practice. 

Better Bed Company offer lot’s of different choices when searching for king size mattresses. We also offer advice to shoppers on everything like sales, systems and delivery. If you have any questions please call – 08000467616 or email us at – were always here to help.