Kayflex Mattresses The 7 Best Deals This Spring


It’s that time of year when your home needs a refreshment buying new kayflex mattresses can help with this. Swap your bed frames for new ottoman storage solutions transition your house from spring to summer creating more room for coats and jumpers to be stored ready for winter. FYI we don’t think other brands like Julian Bowen and Aspire Furniture have the same qualities. 

With many of us still working from home it’s important to get this space right for the year ahead, don’t get it twisted where not saying you have to jam pack your house ready with Christmas decorations but just get prepared for stashing those Autumn products well out of the way. The sun is fighting it’s way through those fluffy clouds bright mornings are on the horizon and your sun caps will soon be on. 

Keep scrolling for the best Kayflex Mattresses to spruce up your Apartments and new builds this year. 

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This firm concentrate on roll ups there so much easier to deal with on delivery and they come at cheap price and next day, just what you want for an online buy. 

1 Kayflex Platinum Memory Foam Mattress

Kayflex Platinum Memory Foam Mattress-Better Bed Company

Shop – Kayflex Platinum Memory Foam Mattress

The Kayflex Platinum memory foam mattress is just what the doctor ordered. Add this to your wooden bed frames for comfy vibes with this roll up give it time to expand your not far away from dream land when you take delivery. Team with a large headboard in teal green and add a water-proof protector it’s important to care of your new household products. 

2 Kayflex Ecoflex 15cm Reflex Foam Mattress

Kayflex Ecoflex 15cm Reflex Foam Mattress-Better Bed Company

Shop – Kayflex Ecoflex 15cm Reflex Foam Mattress

Over the last few years the Kayflex ecoflex reflex foam mattress in 15cm depth has been a best seller on the site. Your fabric beds and metal frames needs new partners every 8 years this type of sleeping surface won’t go unappreciated. Add some white bedside tables and paint the walls black for a retro vibe in the bedroom. 

3 Kayflex Bronze Memory Foam Mattress 

Kayflex Bronze Memory Foam Mattress-Better Bed Company

Shop – Kayflex Bronze Memory Foam Mattress

The biggest trend in 2022 is memory foam mattresses the Kayflex Bronze would provide justice to your sleeping surface. Match with ottoman beds try baby blues, bright pinks and rustic brown to maximise the rooms potential. If your prefer the industrial look choose metal and wooden materials gold colours can work wonders. 

4 Kayflex K Zone Mattress 

Kayflex K Zone Mattress-Better Bed Company

Shop – Kayflex K Zone Mattress

The Kayflex K Zone mattress is key to getting the best sleep whether that’s in the summer or winter. Create the bedroom for modern living with new white wardrobes and tall book cases providing storage space never gets old. Add this roll up to a solid bed base for support and firm surfaces. 

5 Kayflex Natural Touch Memory Foam Mattress

Kayflex Natural Touch Memory Foam Mattress-Better Bed Company

Shop – Kayflex Natural Touch Memory Foam Mattress

During lock down the shops where all shut down this is when online sales were booming the Kayflex natural touch memory foam mattress was amongst the best selling product on all bed websites. Everyone turned to DIY and painting walls even garden experts were born. We’ve now turned to the bedrooms this season add a new sofa beds to the house for after party advantages. 

6 Kayflex Hybrid Cool Blue Mattress

Kayflex Hybrid Cool Blue Mattress-Better Bed Company

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The interiors perfect wish offer the Kayflex Hybrid cool blue mattress keep things modern with new tech products in the house. Discover LED lighting and USB portals on ottoman beds and create the contemporary space with grey bedroom furniture sets now your living in the future. 

7 Kayflex Coolmax Memory Foam Mattress 

Kayflex Coolmax Memory Foam Mattress-Better Bed Company

Shop – Kayflex Coolmax Memory Foam Mattress

Your home should be a place to rejuvenate and there’s no better way to get ready for the next day than sleeping on a kayflex coolmax memory foam mattress, give a slatted base for best practice. Team with cream and charcoal bedsheets and add a thick topper for cozy advantages. 

If your looking for a new mattress this Spring choose Kayflex a brand for trust. There roll ups come with long guarantees and a range of sizes and tensions that can’t be rivalled by other firms out there.