Kayflex Memory Foam Mattress Why So Cheap


Kayflex Memory Foam Mattress

The company giving the consumer what they want at a very cheap price. Your only getting quality with Kayflex one of the leading manufacturers of memory foam in the UK. Coming in a range of depths the company also offer different sizes which is a great selling point as non standard sizes are to find in 2019. Your getting the service and the cheap price you’ve been looking for.

The mattress comes rolled up to its easy to handle and that’s got to be a good thing for every body. They come with 5 years warranty and 1 year guarantee so it pays to deal with kayflex in the short as well as long term. 

They source so much memory foam so there buying power is so great. This means they pass this onto there customers. There’s also the experience they have knowing how to make mattresses cheaply is an art and Kayflex have this on lock down. The machinery that is needed for cutting memory foam is high tech and with there high end factory and workers they pull this off with ease. 

Kayflex Bronze Memory Foam Mattress-Better Bed Company

Kayflex Bronze Memory Foam Mattress

There collection starts with a modest Kayflex Bronze Memory Foam Mattress as a starter model it’s cheap but has 5cm of memory foam which is a decent depth because of the quality. Then you have the Kayflex Platinum Memory Foam Mattress at the other end of the spectrum. This comfortable mattress comes with a contouring 7.5cm of memory foam giving the end user the perfect sleeping surface. 

Kayflex Platinum Memory Foam Mattress-Better Bed Company

Kayflex Platinum Memory Foam Mattress

These are just a few reasons we partner with Kayflex Mattress. We trust in a company and know we can be confident showing our customers there range with out a doubt there getting a cheap mattress that will last. 

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