How To Best Buy Mattresses Post Lock Down


Trust worthy brands are going to take center stage in how we shop for new mattresses. We are going to be less about the how our bedroom furniture looks and more about the way it functions. This means getting the best comfort is going to over ride how the product looks on the shelf. Buying online is always going to be cheap and shopping centers will still have the big over heads, you will find that most retail out lets won’t be around soon. 

The online social media channels like Instagram and Facebook are going to be the new store fronts. This is going to leave you with more to do like researching sizes and materials, you need to try and make this fun for your self. 

London is feeling the pinch already with shops closing all around. Paris and Milan will probably survive with all the fashion stores like Armani and Versace with multi millionaires wanting to touch the fabric and upholstery. The same can’t be said for the memory foam and pocket spring mattress along with the average bedroom furniture buyer. 

Shop for your mattress online

Check out your laptop first things first, even if it’s just research. The online mattress buy gives you plenty of options in designs and materials. Getting a king size memory foam mattress has never been easier and adding that 5ft ottoman bed to match is painless. Team this up with accessories like grey bed side cabinets and black desks or add warmth with a patterned rug and a cozy duvet.

King Size Memory Foam Mattress

Sizes of mattresses 

Doing your home work is key and buying the correct size mattress shouldn’t be rushed. Reading articles and blogs while drinking your coffee in costa isn’t that hard talking to friends on watts app could help too get the advice before you purchase. Don’t make the mistake of buying a double mattress when you have a super king bed. You should always check the terms and conditions on any site before you make a buy, this lets you know where you stand on mistakes. 

Tape Measure

Mattresses for Ikea beds 

You may find that you don’t have to go out and buy a new bed as your ikea sized one is just fine. The European double mattress is larger than the UK  equivalent this gives you and your partner better sleeping area than a new British buy. Add a waterproof mattress protector with some pillows or get that oak wardrobe and chest of draws you’ve always wanted for saving your pocket. 

Ikea Magazine


Children’s mattresses 

It’s hard enough with those little precious ones during the week take it easy after lock down and jump online. Getting the best children’s mattresses isn’t the hardest task any more with so much on offer. Add a new single bed frame and headboard for style or go for a pine dressing table and stool for the girls. Making the most of your kids bedroom furniture should be a dead cert playing more at home should be entertained post lock down. 

Children's Mattress

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