Health Benefits From Sleeping On The Right Mattresses


With gyms opening up and everyone out and about enjoying the sunshine we thought it was a must to remind you the best way to stay active is too get a good night’s sleep. There’s no better way than with a quality mattress that’s going to keep you supported and comfortable while in your beds. 

You want to stay motivated and it’s not all to do with your rest your diet will have an impact on this so add fruits and vegetables to your diet. Stay away from Costa Coffee and star bucks during the evenings as this is going to get you buzzing at the wrong time. 

We want at least 8 hours of sleep a night and we want it deep. Getting the right position during this time is key, you want the pressure points relieved and your spine straight. 

There’s spring systems and materials that can work wonders in helping you get the right sleep. Where here to help with some advice and hints and tips for improving your health by buying the best mattresses. 

Pocket Spring Mattresses 

The pocket spring mattress shouldn’t be over looked in terms of support you won’t find any better. This style of sleeping surface is going to keep the blood flowing and help you grow during sleep. Add a quality filling on top like memory foam or latex and your position couldn’t be better. Sleeping on a high count pocket sprung mattress is going to give you lot’s more energy for sports activities and improve your chances in work for a pay rise. 

Pocket Spring Mattress-Better Bed Company

Reflex Foam Mattresses

It’s all about the bounce with reflex foam mattress and getting the correct tension. This type of material is going to push up on your body supporting and cradling you into a healthy position. You could add springs or memory foam to the surface both working in tandem together equals you getting a good nights sleep. If it’s too firm think about adding a topper just a little trick that could work well as a team. 

Reflex Foam Mattresses-Better Bed Company

Medium or Firm Mattresses What’s Best For Your Health ? 

The old wives tail – you have a bad back this requires and firm mattress just isn’t true. Better Bed Company would always say you need support from the springs inside and a quality top layer like memory foam or a natural product like wool or cashmere fillings. You will find if your sleep improves your going to be looking at your diet next and then taking part in exercise because your going to have more energy. 

Female In Bed With A Bad Back-Better Bed Company

Not sure what type of mattresses would be suitable for you ? we have lot’s of information on different styles that could be just the answer. Check out Better Bed Company today for advice and tips that could help. 

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