Medium Or Firm Mattresses For You And Your Partner


We all have our own personal preference when it comes to tension finding the right one for both you and your partner can be tricky. Buy a medium or firm mattress and your playing it safe for both parties. Supporting you and your hubby should be a focus of the buy like coffee and cream they go together. It’s an old wives tail to suggest that if your suffering from back ache you need a firm tension. You want a supportive foundation think about bed frames and add a double memory foam mattress topper if you get the online shop incorrect this could get you out of jail. 

You want to get this right in the shops so take your time in city centers don’t rush your sleeping surface browse. Be sure that the base is the same style as you have at home other wise it won’t work in the same way.  If your looking for the spare room then the same applies as you both may find time is going to be spent in that bedroom. Keep your money in the pocket and search online for the best deals.

We’ve split and narrowed things down check out our guide on some of the best average tension and ortho mattresses below. 

The Right Firm Mattress 

Team a pocket spring with memory foam mattress and you gain the best of both worlds. It’s getting the set right that counts like LA and California or Chicago and Illinois there a match. Get the size right with a 6ft super king size to a modest small double to complete the make up. Add a grey bed side cabinet and chest of draws for a modern interior looking bedroom. 

Memory foam and pocket spring firm mattress

Reflex foam should be the first stop for a mattress if you want a hard finish with a firm character you can’t go wrong. If you have a 5ft king size ottoman bed check the design of the slatted base this keeps things stress free by doing your home work. Add a naturally filled topper and some comfy pillows for a snug scheme. 

Reflex foam firm mattress

Medium mattresses a no risk tension  

The easiest choice for a king and queen is the medium mattress your ticking all the boxes. Look at an open coil system this could work well with natural fillings check the depth if you have a low headboard. Add some accessories to the room with grey wardrobes and a tall book case with plenty of shelves for storage. 

Open coil and natural filled mattress

Throw a roll up mattress into the equation this type of buy would leave you stress free. If the space is tight make a double work for you add more bedroom furniture for a brighter interior theme. Add an aloe vera cover if your allergy  sufferers and waterproof mattress protectors. 

Roll up mattress

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