Double Memory Foam Mattress For A Wooden Bed


Buying a quality double memory foam mattress isn’t as easy as it looks and partnering it with a wooden bed is even harder. Think style and comfort and your half way there. It’s important to think about other bedroom furniture and whether they could work in tandem. Where to help you on your way to make the right decision. 

Double memory foam mattresses come in a large selection of depths and spring options. Think about who the sleeper is if it’s for your children whether they be a boy or a pretty girl your budget should be considered carefully. The wooden bed might come in a oak material this could give your bedroom a traditional vibe. Going with a grey colour might promote a modern theme. 

Double Memory Foam Mattresses With Pocket Springs 

It’s going to be a comfortable double memory foam mattress with pocket springs if you get the right depth. The better brand you deal with the higher the density and the spring count is usually a rule of thumb. Going for a high amount like 1000, 2000 or 3000 means your more supported. Going for a thick hybrid might be the way forward. Add a white bed side table with draws for more storage and team this up with a 3 + 4 chest of draws brining multi spaces for clothes and bedding. 

Double memory foam mattress

Double Wooden Oak Bed Frame 

If you want to make a statement then the double wooden oak bed frame should be a consideration. The dark colour might work in a large bedroom or with a small space you might want to go with the light as to not over power the place. Opt for a cream side board matching won’t be a problem and team this up with a double memory foam mattress topper making your sleeping surface comfy and warm. 

Double oak bed fame

Double Memory Foam Mattress With No Springs 

Make your bedroom all about the double memory foam mattress with no springs it’s dream partnership. They go together like coffee and cream at your local Starbucks or Costa. Designed correctly at the right depth your never going to look back from this buy. Add a black rug for your morning feet and a fabric storage ottoman to place the duvets and pillows with easy access. 

Double memory foam mattress with no springs

Double Wooden Ottoman Bed Frame  

Think about the whole house with a double wooden ottoman bed frame this could help out around the home. If you have a big family this could help store a massive selection of objects like boxes and coats you don’t use on a daily basis. Add a TV stand with shelving for all your channel changers and a green sofa bed for those lazy afternoons. 

Double wooden ottoman bed

Next time your looking for some bedroom advice and tips come back to Better Bed Company for the best content. Your dream home is just around the corner and putting the time and effort into this will pay dividends in the end.