Double Memory Foam Mattress


Double Memory Foam Mattress For A Healthy Posture


While everyone knows the importance of a quality sleep, the equipment is usually over looked, supply your bed with a double memory foam mattress for better posture, this will give you the tools needed for better zzzzz. Double memory foam mattresses are offered in so many designs sometimes it’s difficult to understand which one’s are best. 

From depths for the good practice to upholstery covers for comfort and partnered fillings and spring systems for support were here to fill in the gaps. While beds are an important thing to consider a good base is a major requirement when it comes to healthy sleeping surface. 

Double memory foam mattress size 

This measurement if purchased right is 135cm x 190cm this will offer enough room for 2 sleepers comfortably. Not only do they come in this dimension there’s also depths to consider start at 15cm and go up to 30cm for a thick offering. If you were to explore the size of a memory foam mattress you would need consider the materials inside. A spring mattress will be thicker than a full foam design this is due to the system. 

Pocket Springs 

If there’s 2 people sleeping on the mattress pocket springs are perfect this style offers an independent surface. The more pocket springs the better by a rule of thumb start at 1000 then go up for support. Consider the tension your searching for the more springs the firmer the double memory foam mattress is going to be. Offer a topper if you get this wrong this will soften the sleeping surface and provide a medium tension. 

Upholstery Covers 

Getting this correct is really important as memory foam can be hot sometimes. This is due to the contouring nature of the material to the body thus creating pockets of air in between the sleeper and the foam. We advise looking at a cool max or damask upholstery cover. Opt for a mattress protector with all mattresses and especially memory foam this will cool the surface down. Linen upholstery covers are going to be cheap and great if your on a budget. 

Bed base 

It’s clear that a double memory foam mattress needs a bed base. Choose a fabric bed or an ottoman lift up bed frame for a style. Consider the base with a sprung the whole surface will work in tandem together. A solid platform bed base will offer more support and supply a firmer feel to the mattresses top. 

Alternatives To Memory Foam 

You always here about spring mattresses these are a good choice for long term advantages. Consider a natural mattress this is perfect for temperature and moister control, wool cotton and cashmere are all recommended. Opt for a cool blue foam mattress these can come as a roll up and provide a cooler surface perfect for the summer season. 

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