How’s Your Double Mattress Holding Out During Lockdown ?


While in lockdown you should be spending more time lazing about the home, chilling in the Garden feeling comfy as anything. How’s your double bed holding up or your wardrobe for that fact. It’s possible after all this is over you might want a change of scenery. Here’s an ultimate guide to a double mattress when getting your self out of this maze we call lockdown lift. 

How to know your Double Mattress is going to be comfortable

The Memory Foam Mattress Option

Your set for an interesting solution with a foam mattress. This could help with your bad back. Is your weight causing you stress ? this along with a new bed side table could be just the answer. Add this along with a a topper and pillows and you could be in luck. 

Double Memory Foam Mattress

How to sort your bad back out with a double mattress

Memory foam mattresses don’t have to be alone. Add those pocket springs and give that bad back a rest. with a sprung combination and duvet that’s going to cater to your ottoman beds needs. 

Double Memory Foam And Pocket Spring Mattress

The Double Mattress With A Firm Tension 

This could be an edition after you buy that new chest of draws you’ve had your eye on. Turn your attention to the tension but don’t go too hard you may regret it. It’s an important part of the bedroom furniture

Firm Double Mattress

Going for the natural filled Double Mattress 

Take your home to a new level with comfy one. When your dressing this one with your bedding you can’t go wrong for a match. Now the table has turned in your direction. 

Natural Double Mattress

How to get a new you after this is over !

The basics are there a double mattress could come in all shapes and forms. Remember to check Better Bed Company out when you next time your in the market.