Double Mattress What’s Best For Your Back Pains


With winter here we tend to get more back pains and aches we’ve come up with a double mattress list to help you solve this issue. Your bedroom furniture can really effect your health and make it better if you buy correctly. Colours can give you a mental up lift so those grey bed side tables and that rustic oak chest of draws don’t just store your items. A quality fabric ottoman bed if designed right or wrong can have repercussion or a positive outcome on the end user. 

Finding the correct double mattress will give you that spring in your step during the day. Adding comfort and support along the way using the materials like memory foam and luxury natural fillings could work wonders for your family. Were here to advise on which ones do what ! 

Double Mattress With Pocket Springs 

We start with the best a double mattress with pocket springs is perfect if your suffer from back problems. You can choose your top material layer and gain the comfort but the support starts with the foundation. Suitable for fabric bed frames and divan bases remember your tension will change from firm to a more soft if your basis is sprung. Add a memory foam mattress topper to make it a thick depth and some comfy pillows and a high tog duvet to keep you warm. 

Double mattress with pocket springs

Double Mattress With Memory Foam 

The double mattress with memory foam is sure to help with your back pain as it’s going to mold your body into the correct shape the whole night through. This could give you the ammunition you need in the gym and let you have your costa coffee or Starbucks with out feeling ashamed afterwards. Add a TV Bed for your Sky and Netflix movies and a black shaggy pile rug catering to your style needs in the room. 

Double mattress with memory foam

Double Mattress With a Orthopedic Spring System

 A bad back blog would be complete with out mentioning a double mattress with a orthopedic spring system for starters. Designed specifically for the job at hand this style of sleeping surface is going to contour to your body keeping you aligned for a healthy nights sleep. Team this up a guest bed in the spare bedroom for your friends and a beige sofa bed for those chilled afternoon naps after a long walk. 

Double mattress with orthopedic spring system

Double Mattress With Cool Blue Memory Foam 

Whether the double mattress with cool blue memory foam is for your main bed or spare room the design is perfect for back issues. Your structure needs to be straight and same go’s for your spine with this sleeping surface your in good hands. Add this as a roll up and team it up with a wooden bed frame for solid buy. Add a pine side board and 2 + 1 wardrobe for all your clothes. 

Double mattress with cool blue memory foam

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