Double Mattress The Introduction


With all our blog series we aim to give valuable information to the reader they can take away and use through out there life time. This series will give the end user our Double Mattress experience of over 3 decades in the mattress sector.

Double Mattress

Better Bed Company will be indicating certain aspects of a double mattress you should look out for before making any purchase. This will be a do’s and don’ts types of series along with information listed for the masses in 2019.

This size of mattress is the most common through out the UK. This has been the case for centuries and will probably carry on this way for years to come. 

Setting out on this journey we look at the size first 

Double Mattress The Size

With so many sizes available today it can get quite confusing for the buyer to work this out. With metric and imperial sizes being used by different country’s as well it can be difficult again. Better Bed Company are here to make your life easy again. We also have a page specifically for this called the Size Guide this is place you can turn to for more information on this matter. 

Tape Measure

So a double mattress is 

135cm in length and then 190cm in width and then the depth is dependant on the mattress design. 

This could also be 4ft 6 inches in width and then 6ft 3 inches in length and also the depth would be dependant on design. 

Hope this clears things up on the actual size of the double mattress. 

This is just the first stage in our journey discovering this size of mattress. Next time in the series we will be looking at certain manufacturers that specialize in the area of double mattresses and what they could bring to your homes !