Can you put a double mattress on a small double bed ?


It’s a dilemma you don’t really want to be in to put a double mattress on a small double bed could cause issues at the same time this can be done. Your searching around the web on Instagram and Tik tok looking at videos and walls that look like  they’ve had the interior design treatment and your stuck with this predicament. You’ve found that pink ottoman beds or stylish black leather bedsteads and now your trying to add the wrong sized mattress, were here to help. 

How To Add That Double Mattress Too The Wrong Sized Bed

Your not that far wrong with a small double bed being the same length 190cm but 10cm over on the width. Ok so you’ve got 5cm on each side it’s not the end of the world is it ? 

Scroll down for some ideas for your double beds 

1 Double Fabric Bed 

It’s all about colours when adding a double fabric bed to the bedroom for a fashionable theme. Go for a modern grey bedstead or go trendy with a velvet green ottoman its all about the effect. Team this up with some 2 Draw Bedroom Furniture and some anthracite wardrobes for a contemporary vibe. 

Grey Fabric Bed-Better Bed Company

2 Double Memory Foam Mattress 

If your looking for next time a double memory foam mattress could be the best buy. Add some pocket springs or a open coil system this will bring support and help position you and bring posture values. Add white 5 draw narrow chest of drawers or a chunky knit natural rug that’s going to bring textures and tones to the bedroom. 

Double Memory Foam Mattress-Better Bed Company

3 Double Metal Bed Frame 

How can you forget the classic double metal bed frame that’s going to add some glam to the bedroom. Add some blue Bedroom Furniture with draws and a modern charcoal leather recliner with foot stool to the bedroom. Team this up with a fabric mustard storage ottoman and a dove grey bedside chest for a designer effect. 

Double Metal Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

So there you have it double mattresses can work but it’s best to stick to the traditional method. Even if it’s just small things Better Bed Company are here to help with the best advice online.