Christmas TV Shows To Watch In Bed This Year


It’s the most festive time of the year this December forget about the presents for now and think of the entertainment. Get snug on your Mattresses or fabric ottoman bedstead, get the best Christmas Movies from Netflix and Sky, grab the pop corn and sit there till January. 

We’ve come up with a few Christmas favourites to get you though the month ! 

From Kids to Adults we all love new and old, classics and soon to be. Come with Better Bed Company this is going to get you jolly. 

Christmas Netflix Movies 

The Christmas Chronicles

The Christmas Chronicles 1 + 2

It’s all about the North Pole and staying young. The 2nd edition from last year mega hit. Starring Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn it’s sure to add the holiday vibe to the home this Christmas !

The Grinch

The Grinch 

He’s not a happy chappy with everyone having fun 🙁 The Grinch and his dog set off to spoil Christmas for all the boy’s and girls in the village. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Pharrell Williams this is one to watch put for. 


Klaus The Movie Cover

This animated children’s fav is about a postman who forms a bond with a Toy maker. It’s about keeping the town together and keeping to dead lines. Starring J. K. Simmons. 

Christmas Classics Not To Be Missed 

Home Alone

 Home Alone 

This is a one of the best Christmas Movies ever ! Join Kevin, Marv and Harry for the night. Home Alone is about a child (Macaulay Culkin) beig left at home while his Parents go on Holiday during the Christmas Break. Two robbers try and burgle his neighbourhood, but he’s having non of it. Check it out ! 

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

national lampoon's christmas vacation cover

The Griswold family are some bunch it’s a comedy not to be missed. Clark is up to his tricks trying so hard but getting no where fast. He finally hit’s rock bottom when he doesn’t get his Christmas bonus he’s been banking on for his Swimming pool. It’s fun for the whole family. 

Die Hard 

John McClaine Die Hard

From 1989 this movie has all the action you need this year. Set in a skyscraper police office John McClaine hopes to see his wife over Christmas but the terrorists have other ideas. With guns and police see if Bruce Willis saves the day. 


Miracle on 34th Street

Miracle on 34th Street Movie Cover

Every one should believe in Santa but Susan isn’t quite sure what to make of it yet. Kris Kringle him self is in town this time of year and claims he is Father Christmas but is met with laughter and people making fun of him. It’s up to his lawyer to set the record straight along with Susan’s mum. Do you believe him ? Starring the late Richard Attenborough. 

So there’s your Christmas movie fest sorted out for you. It’s all about giving and spending time with the family relaxing together on the sofa. Celebrate with your friends eating all the Turkey and chocolates you can. Worry about the calories in January.