Why Buy Grey Chest Of Drawers For Hotel Rooms


Grey chest of drawers are the best fit for any double hotel room, they’ve been around the bedroom furniture collection for years and there not going away soon! Pair with bedside tables, white fabric beds, large headboards, king size memory foam mattresses your in luck chest of drawers go with anything. 

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Wide Grey Chest Of Drawers 

Put those wardrobes to one side and add a wide grey chest of drawers for your guests. Trust us your customers will thank you. Making the most of the space in the room means more storage for smaller products this makes sense for luggage and suit cases. Pair with bedside tables with shelving and sideboards for effect. 

Julian Bowen Monaco 6 Draw Wide Chest-Better Bed Company

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Grey Chest Of Drawers With Legs 

Think Retro and Scandi vibes with grey chest of drawers with legs, stability is everything for your customers. Add wooden handles, dressing tables, single mattresses and duvets and pillows to the room to bring extra comfort while your visitors relax. 

Steens Soft Line 3 Drawer Wide Chest Grey-Better Bed Company

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Dark Grey Chest Of Drawers For Large Bedrooms 

The bigger the better for hotel rooms add luxury to the space with dark grey chest of drawers think about a modern anthracite theme through out. Pick your fav wooden bed and add a teal green storage ottoman at the bottom for more accessory storage like gloves and garments. A mink window seat could be effective and a shelf book case for magazines and books while there chilled. 

Julian Bowen Radley 4 Drawer Chest Anthracite-Better Bed Company

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Tall Grey Chest Of Drawers 

opt for tall chest of drawers in grey if you have that space between the chimney and wall. Tall chests are great if you have smaller rooms add a small double ottoman bed and a 4ft memory foam mattress making more space for other bedroom furniture. 

Steens Tromso 5 Draw Grey Narrow Chest Of Draws-Better Bed Company

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Chest Of Drawers With Silver Handles 

Sometimes hotel rooms need to be about longevity add long lasting materials and your half way there. If you love adding colours to the space there’s no better way than with silver handles on the chest of drawers this brings shapes and light to the room. Pair with a 2 shelf desks in case you get business people staying think mirrors and white wall paper this is going to bring a more specious theme to the room. 

GFW Lancaster Merchants Chest-Better Bed Company

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